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It is an instructive, humbling spectacle to see how kindly the Turks here treat the thousands of refugees who come to beg in the narrow streets of the old town with its 16th century Islamic schools and mosques.

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But this is to place mice in the context of history. Or are they always intended to be insecure, a reminder of our own fragility on the edge of the world?

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The refugees are still coming, and the camp on the border road is growing larger. This year the Moodle server is running Moodle 2. Here in the tiny promontory of Kilis, the statistics feel somehow more dreadful.

Turkey looks after 2. Registered Stream Socket Transports.

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A grubby child, accompanied by his mother and her baby, is handed cheese rolls. It puts to shame the liars of the Brexit campaign and their hatred of the foreigners who supposedly threaten little England.

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Three of them were Syrian refugee children.


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Perhaps she has more in common with President Erdogan than we might think. There are other, more sobering thoughts as you drive along the Turkish-Syrian border. Are you struggling at College?

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When a Syrian peasant woman approaches our table in a small Ottoman restaurant, the locals step forward to give her coins.

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And only 50 miles to the south is the martyr city of Aleppo, too far away to hear the bombs, close enough to see the effect. As fronteiras tem como objetivo fazer com que nos sintamos seguros?