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Using a little lubricant can help ease fitting the grommets into the firewall. Simply replacing the top cover with one from a floor shift car will make things look complete. Once you've got it perfect, put the car in Park, jack up the car, take out the jack stands, and lower the car.

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When you press the clutch, the clip contacts and pushes in a tube that goes around the plastic rod. Now you can get to taking the actual shifter out. Please read these instructions completely before beginning the installation. Because of the way my aftermarket stereo was installed, I first had to remove the head unit.

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For the bolt holes you need only to drill them out and slot them. Cut the carpeting near the lines you drew, but come in about 1" from the actual lines.

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This is because you will use the console as a guide for cutting the hole in the floorpan. Outside the Car Step 7: You may need to remove that section and attach it to the firewall in order to keep its functionality; otherwise you'll lose it. Drop and Remove the Steering Column The first thing I did was remove the two front seats and drop the steering column.

But be sure to leave the car in the air for the time being.

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Tools and Materials Required: It would probably be impractical to try and raise it that high. My guess is there are differences due to transmission type. You may find that it's easier to remove it from underneath the car, rather from inside.

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While this is perfectly fine, any additional reinforcement you provide can be beneficial. Note that it is roughly "plus"-shaped.

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Before dropping the column, the column harness needs to be disconnected. AOD main cases are all basically the same. Otherwise, the rest of this article will assume that you're simply going to bolt the shifter directly to the floorpan.

From that point up to the top of the knob is how the shifter length is determined.

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Once you're done, you can replace the steering column covers. If it points upward, it is for a column shift.

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I have read that you can pull the console by unplugging the radio from the harness after the console is loosened and pulled back slightly. I fit the bottom two firewall bolts first, then lifted the front of the assembly up onto the other bolts.

Simply unplug the jumpers and plug them into the pedal assembly.

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Then remove the console cover plate and set it aside. There are two jumpered pairs behind the left kick panel actually, only one of mine had a jumperand a third jumpered pair behind the stereo and center console.

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Remove the steering column covers top and bottom and examine the lever itself. There is a tube through which the clutch pedal mounts that is nonexistent on an automatic pedal assembly.

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It's relatively inexpensive new if you want to use a new part instead, your choice. Be sure to put the shifter in Park. Install the nuts on the firewall, then attach the clutch cable to the quadrant, and hook up the brake booster rod and brake light switch.