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The correct answer should be of course not; promotional hype existed long before the days of continuous blog updates, and the music will remain long after the PR folks have cashed their checks.

The second of its two CDs opens, unmistakably but perplexingly, with the noise of the XDR toneburst that used to appear at the start of pre-recorded cassettes in the s.

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The album's self-titled single is at first tricky to get your head around but, as with most of their best work, once you understand the intricacies and parts which make up the whole, each little piece baffle and delight in equal measure, from Rene's French interspersions a more prominent feature throughout the album than ever before to Bowie's dramatic backing vocals.

It was in a loft building.

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And yet the Ross sample is in keeping with one of the album's lyrical themes. A band who, having brought long-running pet themes the dark underbelly of the suburbs, lost childhood innocence, the breakdown of civilisation in a war-torn dystopian future to their fullest expression, aren't sure what else they can do, but are determined to find out.

It also has a strong rhythm section, characteristic of Reflektor. It may be a little early to predict what will happen next, though it is likely that, across the land, many dichiarativa latino dating anoraks are already stroking their chins and pondering that question.

Reflektor grows into its new sound as the album progresses culminating with the stunning 'Afterlife', a moment to savour in their now spectacular career.

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It's Never Over has a lovely hookline, but even that palls when the track starts living up to its title. The other issue with Reflektor is its length: Some labelled it as a game-changer, but I'm not so sure about that particular tag.

The whole album is shot through the prism of disco shimmer, leaving the agoraphobia of The Suburbs behind and heading for the cluttered inner-city.

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I could get into this. Yes, there is a confidence and slight swagger to the sound, but lyrically, there are stories of self-imposed exile, a deep distrust of others and poisonous paranoia remains.

Made all the more sweet by the mis-step that was Neon Bible, The Suburbs was the album which reinstated Arcade Fire as the most interesting indie-rock band currently working. What have the artists said about the song?

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This is before we even cut the record. See the video for Reflektor here Normal Person, meanwhile, opens with a clip of Butler effusively thanking an audience for coming, overlaid with him sighing and asking, heavily, "do you like rock'n'roll music?

Album Review of Reflektor by Arcade Fire.

But this off-the-cuff, tuneless hum cuts deep. It wants to be a grandiose statement befitting a band who fill stadiums and win Grammys and debut at No 1: But we set up a fake stage and we were in the other room and my brother and Richie came out in masks and pretended to be the band and played this horrible reggae kind of thing.

Fresh inspirations arise through global sounds and somehow, a new recording space is available. By the time Arcade Fire announced the release of The Suburbs, they were a big band with big expectations.

This is an admirable progression, but by no means perfect one, however, not many bands as big as Arcade Fire could make a similar transition and come out so triumphantly.

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Everyone came in, and we were already playing. He offered to lend us his services because he really liked the song.


Via tacky Canadian salsa bars, cryptic graffiti scrawls, surrealist half hour takeovers of primetime American television, high-quality interactive concept videos, and the vociferously consumed avalanche of tidbits causing a continual crescendo of online anticipation, Arcade Fire have proved themselves to be toying tricksters, operating on the highest echelon of alternative celebrity.

Instead, it sounds like the work of a band that have plenty of good ideas, but increasingly can't tell them from their bad ones — or won't be told.

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Indeed, the real issue with Reflektor's length lies not with its coda, but the fact that only four of its songs last under five minutes. Really though, this album should be enjoyed in the moment — something which, at this time, it has a particular grasp of.

However, for the large part, this is a record that is fecund with songs of enduring, and continuously surprising, quality — meaning that there will almost always be something else to discover with every listen.

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It was highly anticipated after The Suburbs brought them a degree of mainstream recognition. What does the song sound like? We did this elaborate hoax where we pretended it was another band at a recording studio.