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Firenze, Italy

Some people eat to live, while you live to eat. The birth of photography and the story of the Firm go hand in hand in their development and growth, as attested by the immense Alinari owned fund of over than 5.

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Color correction is done using Eizo monitors through a fully calibrated system. The licensing activity is available at www.

Alinari provides photographic publishing and its Art Printworks still uses the artisan technique of collotype on paper and silver plates from photographic images. Alinari Archives Firenze, Italy Founded in Florence inFratelli Alinari is the oldest firm in the world working in the field of photography, that is communication through images.

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Whatever your passion, try and offer it up in your username. The Archive is today very active in Italy and Europe in several research and education research and marketing validation project, providing valuable contribution mainly in the following domains: It was the beginning of a unique endeavor that specialized in photographic portraiture, views of works of art and historical monuments, and Alinari achieved immediate national and international renown.

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Founding[ edit ] InLeopoldo Alinari, with his brothers Giuseppe and Romualdo, founded the photographic workshop specializing in photographic portraiturephotos of art and historical monuments Today[ edit ] It is the oldest foundation in the world still active in the field of photography, and more generally in the sphere of the image and communication, was founded in Florence in There is so much injustice in the world.

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European Projects In the firm began numerous initiatives for collaboration in technological and cultural projects in Europe.

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Alinari on-line and the restoration laboratory In order to make the images available to a greater number of persons, Alinari has established an on-line search system of its photographic archives, employing a system of iconographic classification produced in collaboration with the University of Florence with over Alinari on-lineimages.

Today Alinari is the guardian of a photographic corpus which has few equals with a patrimony of its own of over 5, pictures, historical and contemporary, ranging from vintage prints, glass plate negatives to film and fotocolorsand is responsible for the management of an ongoing program of exhibitions and publishing.

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