Amy Schumer Harasses Bradley Cooper Amy Schumer Harasses Bradley Cooper

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Did you hear about Amy Schumer and Bradley Cooper?

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All that stuff of her getting called and me saying no, no, no—that really happened. The two were deep in conversation, and apparently, Cooper didn't want Schumer to leave. But I do remember her coming to sit down because we had an awkward exchange at the MTV Movie Awards where we didn't know each other, and she was sort of yelling my name and then I looked over and was like, 'Hey,' and then we talked.

Amy Schumer Harasses Bradley Cooper

Stern didn't hold anything back and point-blank asked, "When are you [and Jennifer Lawrence] going to have sex? It's just not the way we are together. Well, that's the logical conclusion that the comedienne offered to Saturday Night Live viewers when she recalled hanging out with the blue-eyed hunk at the Time Gala.

But at first, it was like, 'Who is this person screaming at me? We all know Amy Schumer is a fan of Bradley Cooper!

Bramy? Adley? It could work, guys…

Law's op-ed on the wage gap Hold your horses, people. I thought I was getting a little creepy because I was making her stay. Are we the only ones who hope the year-old makes a cameo in the twosome's new film??

The women of Bradley Cooper The Oscar nominee admitted to watching Schumer's monologue on the hit NBC variety show after being alerted by his publicist, and explained what happened during their exchange.

Something else to try…

Stern was asking about onscreen sex. I said that [she's too young] once on the carpet just as a diffuse thing and it became a thing because the girl I was seeing was as young as she was…It just didn't happen.

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Amy Schumer champions J. They're not talking about the actual no-pants dance.

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During the blonde beauty's monologue for her recent stint as a host on Saturday Night Liveshe joked that the pair were now romantically linked after having an intense conversation at the Time Gala.

They're basically-but-not-really-just-kinda-maybe dating each other now.

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Well, apparently he adores the Trainwreck star too. In a recent interview with Howard Sternthe American Sniper actor offered his side of Miz Schumer's stand-up routine where she joked that she was "kind-of dating" the A-lister.

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Cooper had previously said that Lawrence was "too young" for him, which caused some confusion for people because his girlfriend at the time was year-old model Suki Waterhousewho is even younger than J. She wasn't [hitting on me] either.

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I thought I was getting a little creepy because I was making her stay. In fact, the Inside Amy Schumer creator has recently become tight with the Hollywood hunk's repeated on-screen love interest, Jennifer Lawrence.

It's just not the way we are together. Law, but this is what he had to say about all that: We guess we'll just have to wait and see. So what does Cooper have to say about this budding pseudo romance?