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Miles started applying for internships. This would mark the beginning of Miles' chill, now-and-then streams of which he continues to this day.

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I can grow a beard! The year-old works on writing, voice acting, editing and graphic designing. Rooster Teeth turned out to be a dream come true. His Mother, Becky Luna, was a Teacher back in the day, however she's retired since.

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He is currently learning how to play the Piano and has expressed his immense love of Jazz Music many a time on Twitter. He was incredibly excited about the possibility and potential of working at Nickelodean, however he didn't make it past the first round of interviews.

Miles once broke his arm and was unable to shave. He HAD made it to the second round of interviews for Cartoon Network, although that was as far as he got.

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More on that in the next section In the episode, they joke that they became are arryn and miles dating simulator thing during Extra Lifekeeping their relationship on the down-low until now. Geoff apparently told Miles when drunk one time "When I first met you, I thought you were a kiss-ass!

This would all snowball into Burnie entrusting Miles with near-complete creative control of the series, as he himself had had since it's inception. This is real and it's beautiful. Arryn played Calypso in the Odyssey among many other roles while in High School.

Miles Luna

After that, there's a couple more pieces of school-related content and then his most-viewed YouTube video by far, Miles Demos Just Dance 3 FanExpo On that show, he developed a segment, with some help from Kylecalled "The Noob Corner". I was actually bummed to find out: Backwardz Compatible used to be known as dating assertiveness training experience certificate Cut" up until and is for First Members only at the time of writing this.

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Bluethat Miles himself has jokingly described as " Miles entered as a Liberal Arts Major and had to write to the Dean of the School of Communications to convince him he was worthy of getting in. Bob made a number of appearances in theatre productions and short films before going mainstream.

It was a Halo 3 Machinima, similar to Red vs. The company eventually branched out into video games, live actions shots, comedy, and a wide range of highly successful series. Dylan is often described as the athlete of the Luna Family and streams on Twitch regularly.

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Has an odd patch of hair on the front of his left shoulder that he calls "Hairemy". That being said, he is still way less knowledgeable than his co-hosts.

Miles apparently gave both Kyle Taylor and Lindsay Jones recommendations, helping them get their jobs at Rooster Teeth. In April that year, Rooster Teeth rolled out the production of a web series by the name Red VS Blue, a military science fiction action comedy-drama in which Arryn Zech voiced the character of Dr.

Since retiring, Becky has sort of become the official "Soccer Mom of Rooster Teeth", being very vocally supportive of her son, the company, and everything they do. Blue of which Miles was a fan ofBrandon remembers "The Noob Corner" and invites him in to work as an intern.

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Miles is a fan of the popular anime Kill la Kill. The Dean said that taking this initiative put me a step above everyone else.

And then I was offered an internship at Rooster Teeth and I thought 'You know, this isn't exactly where I wanted to be but at least I could learn something from being here and maybe get some experience that could help me along the way Let's Play - Halo 5: The Phantom Hourglass pt1.

She was the voice of Blake Belladonna, one of the four major characters in the Rooster Teeth series.

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The channel then goes silent for a good, few years until November ofwhen Miles features his first casual stream: He and Kerry own and used to stream on the Twitch channel Streamyweenies.

Blue Mini-Series, and everybody liked it. He is responsible for creating a bonanza of the company's shows and digital entertainment. You can follow her on both accounts via the handle; arrynzech.

Blue, a position he would pass on to Joe Nicolosi 4 seasons later. Look at the "Role in the Company" section for details. Arryn Zech is currently based in Los Angeles where she is pursuing her acting career. On Instagram, she has over 59k followers and over posts of videos and pictures of herself and her dog She owns a small dog which she loves and calls Watson.

A huge thing that they all shared on campus was Texas Student TV.

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This is actually when he learned "Hey! Blue is "Butch Flowers". Miles showed an interest in filmmaking as far back as High School, as his YouTube Channel features several skit-style videos from his late Teenage years. She later moved to America as a kid and was raised in the city of New Braunfels, Texas.

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He enjoys collecting amiibos. Others jokingly refer to "Miles Luna" as "Jiles Luna" whenever he's clean-shaven. That goes well and later on, when they need some machinima help for Season 9 of Red vs. Eventually one day, I submitted a script for a Red vs.

He would jokingly refer to himself as "The Stupid One" of the Podcast, however now-a-days Miles is much-better acquainted. Dylan was born on April 25th, just one day after Miles! But I found that I really liked writing.