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It can probably wait until tomorrow, and I'll just annoy him if I wake him up now Why didn't you say it? He knew that Chris wouldn't appreciate him appearing on his doorstep so early in the morning, but he had absolutely no idea why he chose this time in the first place As of recently in his "25 facts about me" video he mentioned that he is bisexual and single.

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It just felt like the right time. Chris began uploading daily vlogs again on January 18th but stopped again on January 21st. He also stated that he's grown tired of being funny all the time and has instead been vlogging. Maybe I should just go home Soon enough he found himself crying The tears that stained his cheeks were sincere, and it broke Chris' heart.

Report Story 1 I'm not sure what I'm doing here. A quiet, yet sincere laugh escaped Chris' lips as he shook his head and leaned back in the chair. His YouTube channel has oversubscribers and over 10 million hits.

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On May 14,Chris posted a video in which he said he was going to post videos again both to entertain his subscribers and to be able to pay for certain things.

As he sat in his usual place on the sofa, Chris pulled up a chair from the kitchen and sat directly infront of him. The next day, he started to do liveshows again every weekday at 7pm Online dating personals matchmaking agency and posted those shows on his second channel.

It was too difficult to handle, the constant reminder that they'd been best friends for years, so why would Chris think of him as anything more? PJ flinched slightly, then relaxed and closed his eyes, his damp eyelashes brushing his cheeks as he sighed at the familiar touch.

His forearms rest on his knees as he slouched forwards slightly, scanning PJ's face for any sign of what was wrong. Are you doing here, at this time?

He hated to hear this sort of voice from those He'd learned to master this trick since he hadn't wanted to be caught enjoying the familiar smell of his best friend. Every time he'd backed out in the past year, he had mentally scolded himself. He wouldn't have noticed if PJ's eyes hadn't have glazed over with guilt and worry.

I don't know what I'm doing He grew up on a farm before moving to London. I don't even know what posessed me to drag myself out of bed and drive here. At the start ofChris made some remarks on Twitter suggesting that he was leaving YouTube, causing huge uproar among his followers.

Great, now he looked sweaty and nervous I have to, it's probably going to be my only chance As early as NovemberChris has been collaborating with TomSka in comedy sketches on Tom's channel. PJ nodded and stepped in, inhaling as silently and subtly as possible.

Buddies crabstickz yo kickthepj

Backed out when it was so easy to say. Why am I standing outside my best friend's door at four AM? This often leads to long stretches of time between videos.

You look freezing, your cheeks are bright pink" Stepping aside to let him in, PJ noticed now that his apartment was dark apart from a small light in the corner, illuminating the sofa and TV. Either way he decided he could wait until tomorrow to hold the conversation that he'd been playing out in his mind for the past few days.

I was just leaving The last video he has posted is a video diary posted on February 28th, PJ started to turn away from the familiar door that stood before him, attempting to push away the image of his best friend, and long-term-crush, from his mind.

He has also performed on "Live at the Electric" as a sketch writer and performer.


The moment his attention was on the floor infront of him, his body adjacant to the door he heard a familiar voice filled with confusion and concern. What's wrong with you? The four of them are in a group together called "The Fantastic Foursome".

When he is not making his own videos, he is usually collaborating with other YouTubers, being cast in online mini-series. Chris must've noticed PJ's shoulders twitching slightly as he silently sobbed, the thoughts overwhelming him, as he leaned forwards and ruffled his curls between his slender fingers softly.

He became friends with other famous YouTubers such as: YouTube Kendall began his YouTube channel in where he writes, shoots and performs humorous videos sometimes parodying himself and often creating a number of different characters, including "Becca", who now has her own series of vlogs along with several videos where she meets other YouTubers like Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog.

He soon made a video entitled "Quitting YouTube," explaining that he was not leaving YouTube per se but instead stating he will only make videos when he wants to, rather than creating videos to please his viewers. Sure, he'd faked it a few times for a laugh but this was real.

He continues to release videos online. More heat spread over the bridge of his nose now, bringing his attention back to the fact he was cold and wet.