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Increased oxygen makes the shielding gas oxidize the electrode, which can lead to porosity in the deposit if the electrode does not contain sufficient deoxidizers.

Oxygen causes oxidation of the weld,so it is not suitable for welding aluminium, magnesium, copper, and some exotic metals. It can be added to argon-carbon dioxide blends to counteract the oxidizing effects of carbon dioxide.

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Argon-oxygen Ar-O2 blends are often being replaced with argon-carbon dioxide ones. In comparison with argon, helium provides more energy-rich but less stable arc. Maximum productivity for thin metals in short-circuiting mode; has lower tendency to burn through than higher-CO2 mixes and has suitably high deposition rates.

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Has low spatter and good weld penetration, though lower than C; suitable for many steels. Argon-carbon dioxide-oxygen blends are also used. Hydrogen is used for welding of nickel and some stainless steels, especially thicker pieces.

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Oxygen stabilizes the arc. However, it should not be used on steel, aluminum or magnesium because it can cause porosity and hydrogen embrittlement ; its application is usually limited only to some stainless steels.

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Helium plays this role best due to its high ionization potential; the gas can absorb high amount of energy before becoming ionized. It is used for spray transfer welding of mild carbon german guys dating culture in scotlandlow alloy and stainless steels.

It improves the molten metal fluidity, and enhances cleanness of the surface. Other gases can be used for special applications, pure or as blend additives; e. Helium is used as a shield gas in laser welding for carbon dioxide lasers. YAG lasers show lower tendency to form such plasma. Limited to short circuit and globular transfer welding.

Its thermal conductivity is high.

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Better weld penetration than C Used also for aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, especially for thicker welds. Common for short-circuit gas metal arc welding of low carbon steel.

Shielding gases can be used pure, or as a blend of two or three gases. Argon is the common shielding gas, widely used as the base for the more specialized gas mixes. Suitable for short circuit, globular, pulse and spray transfer welding. Most of these gases, in large quantities, would damage the weld, but when used in small, controlled quantities, can improve weld characteristics.

These inert gases are used in gas tungsten arc welding, and also in gas metal arc welding for the welding of non-ferrous metals.

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Due to higher ionization potential it produces hotter arc at higher voltage, provides wide deep bead; this is an advantage for aluminium, magnesium, and copper alloys. Heat transfer is important for heating the weld around the arc. Its addition narrows the arc and increases the arc temperature, leading to better weld penetration.

Less heat than C Weld is darker and more oxidized than with O Has better tolerance for mill scale and better puddle control than argon-oxygen, though less than C Higher oxygen content allows higher speed of welding.

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Sufficient for ferritic stainless steels. Other gases are often added. It can also stabilize the arc when welding aluminium and high-alloyed stainless steel. These active gases are used with GMAW on ferrous metals. Properties[ edit ] The important properties of shielding gases are their thermal conductivity and heat transfer properties, their density relative to air, and the ease with which they undergo ionization.

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Reduces weld porosity in copper. Has lower spatter and good weld penetration, suitable for thicker plates and steel significantly covered with mill scale. Ionizability influences how easy the arc starts, and how high voltage is required.

Helium and carbon dioxide were the first shielding gases used, since the beginning of World War 2.

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Excessive oxygen, especially when used in application for which it is not prescribed, can lead to brittleness in the heat affected zone. Its presence increases the amount of slag.

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This is important for CO2 lasers; Nd: It is not easy to ionize, requiring higher voltage to start the arc. Only two of the noble gaseshelium and argonare cost effective enough to be used in welding.

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Gases heavier than air e. It is an inert gas, not reacting with the molten metals. Nitric oxide addition serves to reduce production of ozone.