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The Clinton presidential campaign now has announced some new, mainly cosmetic reforms to avoid the obvious impression that it would be prudent for both American and foreign donors to invest in the next president of the United States.

Editors call Hispanics wetbacks in news meetings Editors are proud to call blacks niggers in news stories. The publishing duties went to Walter E. The "Democrat-Gazette" points out that its op-ed pages are open to many different viewpoints and that it accurately reflects its statewide constituency.

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The "Democrat" was found not guilty of all the allegations leveled against it by the "Gazette". In lieu of a resignation, she sent an email to the staff at the newspaper with the subject "Fuck the Glass.

Criticism Critics of the "Democrat-Gazette" continue to argue that the paper is more conservative than its Little Rock subscriber base. The suit accused the Hussman enterprises of trying to put the "Gazette" out of business. In Hussman appointed John Robert Starr to the position of managing editor.

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Like somebody, maybe Mark Twain, once said, a word can mean the difference between a lightning bug and lightning. Over the next five years the two newspapers dueled. Including a bunch of charities raht cheer in Arkansas. Overton rendered its verdict on March 26, The readership of the "Gazette" remained steady over that period of time, but the daily readership of the "Democrat" went from 78, toand the Sunday readership leapt ahead of the "Gazette"'sto achieveStarr doubled the size of the news staff and concentrated on hard news.

Many newspapers that defeated in-town rivals concentrated on reducing costs and reduced news coverage to meet their goals.

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Male editors are allowed do muslim dating sites work talk about penis size during news meetings As somebody said in the paper, from Jonesboro to Texarkana, from Bentonville to Eudora.

That outfit has given millions of dollars to benefit who knows how many people over the years. Many of the reporters and staff of the more liberal "Gazette" were thrown out of work and not picked up by the more conservative "Democrat-Gazette". These efforts had little success and by Hussman attempted to reach an agreement with the "Gazette" to combine operations but his overtures were rejected.

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The "Democrat" responded that it was only trying to remain competitive, and that none of its practices were intended to run the "Gazette" out of business. Many of those donations come from more than suspect sources—like Victor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch whose family led a regime notorious for its corruption and repression.

Hussman embarked on a campaign of major cost reductions and concentrating subscription effort on the Little Rock urban market.

Both continue to serve in those positions. Many of these former employees were bitter at Gannett for their management of the newspaper war and angry at the "Democrat" for achieving victory.

The "Old Gray Lady" published her last edition on 18 October The fiery and irascible Starr was photographed squatting atop a "Gazette" newspaper box with a dagger between his teeth to show his seriousness.

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Among those emails was one from American ambassador John F. Pinchuk between September and November Strange, or maybe not so strange, how the Clinton Foundation and American foreign policy kept intersecting when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. The "Gazette" responded by hiring new staff, going to a color format, and filing a federal antitrust suit against the "Democrat" in The "Arkansas Democrat-Gazette" has continued to balance quality goals with profitability.

Victory of the "Democrat" The financial losses of the fiercely contested battle were too much for Gannett to justify. Most Arkansans, regardless of which paper they subscribed to, were saddened by the sudden loss of their historic newspaper. Hussman vigorously fought back and was intent on becoming the state's largest newspaper.

During the "Democrat" was the fastest growing newspaper in the United States.

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The "Democrat" expanded its news operation, offered free classified advertisements, and switched from afternoon publication to morning publication.

A federal jury in the court of U. How handy to have all those chits in their hands when it comes time to collect. A war ensued between the two papers. To quote Jonathan Chait, a columnist who leans heavily to port: In the years since, the "Arkansas Democrat-Gazette" has maintained a higher circulation than newspapers in similarly sized cities.

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Under Starr's direction readership increased steadily. He will see you at the Brookings lunch. The "Gazette", nicknamed the "Old Gray Lady", became flashier but critics complained that the paper had lost the respect of the readership. Many employees left for other markets while some who remained aided in converting the " Arkansas Times " from a magazine format to a tabloid newspaper in order to provide a more liberal weekly alternative to the dominant conservative paper.

And that president, it appears more and more likely, will be Hillary Clinton as her Republican opponent continues to self-destruct.

Gannett had immense assets with which to fight the "Democrat" but received criticism for bringing in out-of-town reporters and staff and losing the local feel of the paper.

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But why wait till now to announce these supposed reforms? At the time of Hussman's arrival the morning "Gazette" was far in front of the afternoon "Democrat". District Judge William R. Gannett sold the Gazette and all of its assets to the "Democrat" and the next morning, 19 Octoberthe first edition of the "Arkansas Democrat-Gazette" was published.

The Heiskell family sold the Arkansas Gazette to Gannettthe nation's largest newspaper chain, on Dec.