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Arma 2 ace soflam laser code dating, sof laser marker (soflam) an/peq-1

Proceed to drive the intended path from start to finish. Iron sight view no longer strictly tied to a weapon.

AN/PEC-1C Ground Laser Target Designator (GLTD) III SOFLAM

Maximum range meters "Special Operations Forces Laser Marker that automatically laser-paints enemy vehicles when deployed in a stationary position. Colored positional lights were rendered white. New animation controller cabin for airplanes. Enemies who discover the SOFLAM can destroy it, even with light weapons, so secure terrain is recommended for the device to remain intact.

Method Not Implemented

This will detach car1 on command. Be sure it is not saved as path. When using shadow detail high with some nVidia cards Nv3x chip-set loading screen could happen sometimes mid-game.

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Bad voice buffer unqueuing, could cause memory leak when using voice over net. In this one type: If you want another helicopter to be able to pick up car1, just copy the first trigger and change the name of the helicopter. Thrust vector is just rotated downwards.

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Place this inside of the document: Once an enemy vehicle has been designated, friendly unit's damage against that target is increased. Go immediately to path.

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Airplane landing light may be now off when gear is up. For additional paths, save them on seperate documents and name them path2. Improved airplane landing autopilot. Now for the last trigger. Aircraft were sometimes disappearing when flying above small objects.

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Message about addons not listed in the mission is no longer displayed when playing single player missions. Create a notepad document and call it init.

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AI could sometimes aim into the air when targeting an unknown land unit. Now create 3 triggesr with no size. Setting overall settings to Very low was not properly indicated in video options.

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Delay when returning from map to game is now much shorter. Because of its higher damage, this tactic is extremely effective, especially when enemies are repairing air units in flight. Binocular style laser designators were using wrong models and animations. Improved AI spotting ability in towns.

AN/PEQ-1A Ground Laser Target Designator (GLTD) II SOFLAM

Dedicated server radio processing was broken, resulting in AI often not doing what expected. Do not start the engine yet! AI was not able to uses satchels on Destroy waypoints. Ok, now we need to allow any receiving aircraft to attach itself when near. It as one of two laser designators for the Recon class, the other being the PLD.