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Early forms of the game in America have been documented as early as They had children, who had children and so on. When was yoga created and who created it? Like all mountains, it was created by God. By the mid's, New York newspapers were referring to the game as the "national pastime" or the "national game.

Well the universe could have, but then you have to askyourself another question Instead of the characters representing words they were used to represent sounds vowels not included and the words were concatenated collections of them.

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God created Adam, then created Eve using Adam's ribs. The Greeks knew of it over years ago. Several seals discovered at Indus Valley Civilization c. Why are we created? It was created by the United States.

The creator of Naruto is Japanese.

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Abner Double day was long believed as having invented the game as we know it today, but that has largely been debunked. Civilizations arise rather organically, and there are many factorsthat must be in place. I believe that if God didn't exsistthen neither would evolution, because let's face it evolution is amiracle.

What are you created from? All this "bacteria junk" is nonsense. From Darwin's theory of evolution do we learn how we were created!


If God created earth then how was He created? Naruto is Japanese, and the show was based off "Manga" Where do you think he was created?! It's amazing how much God can do. The alphabet was created as a sort of short hand fromhieroglyphics.

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Where was Naruto created? The universe was created by the Almighty God for human biengs to find the truth. The inventors are usually consider to be Semitics from the middle east most commonly attributed to Phoenicians however there is certain evidence that they might be Hebrews.

There is evidence of batteries being made and used in Babylon over years ago. For example, a group of leaders usuallytakes charge of an area in order to establish economy and asemblance of order. This trut is to find their creator, the reason for their bieng here, their purpose for existance.

How did you get created? Itmight seem that I am being very How are you created? And what is this truth? Looking from a Catholic's point of view, I think God was created bythe universe itself and made earth to be His paradise planet. The earliest known written phonetic sentences are in the Siana desert carved on the wall of a cave by a Hebrew slave praying for release.

But if you are not religious then we came from the Sea! UAM Azcapotzalco was created on He created time and space.

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The creations of heavens and Earth, in short the whole universe is divine. We were all created by God. There are 2 main answers: It has existed as long as the universe.

Because thetemperature is just right and evolution changes to adapt to theplanets ever-changing state. But if you look at it from a scientific point of view thenit is very different. How do you create a civilization?

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You would need to think about how theuniverse created itself and all the galaxies it holds. InAlexander Cartwright led the codification of the so-called Knickerbocker Rules. God was not created. We were born because god wanted some people to spread the word about himself so he created Adem an Eve.

When was Mt Fuji created and who created it? How was the alphabet created and who created it?