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Whatever other worth it may have, artwork is a commodity, desired and exchanged by the wealthy and powerful, for prestige and stature.

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Missing works, high-profile or not, are seldom recovered. He explores the radical change in museums, art production and perception over the past fifty years, describing the rise of modern art and reflecting over a lifetime of writing […] 0 This Is Civilisation Artist and critic Matthew Collings sets off on a journey across the world to investigate how past culture have shaped our civilisation.

Many cases remain engulfed in mystery and go largely unnoticed. Warhol, Matisse, Picasso and Dali.

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Out of the Forest: The long established categories include music, theatre, literature, painting, sculpturing, architecture, dancing and recently two more were added to this traditional classification and they are the art of film and comics. He explores the inspiration behind diverse art movements spanning different time periods uxamsi winadadeba online dating continents.

Sooke meets notorious American art thief Myles […] 0 Art Sleuth Art Sleuth is a series investigating and analysing the works of famous artists using a distinctive detective-like approach. It is hard to tell, but one thing is sure — this controversial atmosphere boosts the fascination.

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Marie Antoinette and her Children — 5. The coverage, material wise, goes from the printmaking artists from Chicago demonstrating various printing techniques and skills.

Art Art This category and its content give you an insight in, what is probably one of the oldest human enterprises, a beautiful and intriguing world of art and copy documental online dating. Some critics claim that it is only a hoax.

The art category on Documentary Tube consists of all of the above mentioned categories along with their genres and even more, because art itself is constantly evolving and someone is always there to document it.

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But is it really a documentary? Paintings accumulate value as though by miracle. Since the first cave dwellers depicted scenes from everyday life and made roughly shaped statues, to this day, art has been evolving mainly because people had the urge to express themselves in a certain creative and productive way.

The film is marketed as a documentary.

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The result of that process, regardless of the media used in realization, is what we today perceive as art. His work has appeared in various publications including the New Yorker, Esquire, and Colliers, but he is best known for his full-page colour Playboy cartoons.

In the Conservatory — 3. Although 47, pieces of artwork are reported missing every year, only the high-profile cases are publicised in the media. This documentary reveals his courageous fight for artistic freedom of expression while living under authoritarian rule.

Depending on the medium, time period, or even a stream of thought at the time of making, a certain piece of art belongs to a specific category. Each individual category contains, or consists of, if you will, of a number of genres.


Young, ambitious, […] 0 Ai Weiwei: The following sub division of each category is defined by the term genre. Explore the vast dimensions of art, sharpen your senses and develop a fine taste in various genres of a colorful range of categories.

Over artists from around the globe assembled to provide live music, audio-visuals, performances, art installations and presentations, experimental gastronomy, and video screenings. See the story of the street art of graffiti and the development of that particular art form across the globe, followed by the overview of the impact that Leonardo Da Vinci made to the world of art when he painted one of his most famous works-the Mona Lisa, and finally the life and work of the musical mastermind Ludwig Van Beethoven.

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The works covered are: Perhaps you will discover the creative potential within you, and keep in mind that it is never too late for art. Now, as broad term as art is, it demands a certain categorization, in order for us to be able to grasp the concepts and ideas it offers.

The Birth of Venus — 4. The story […] 0 Why Beauty Matters Renowned British writer and philosopher Roger Scruton asserts that beauty is an important aspect of art and that 20th century contemporary art is losing its beauty.

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The Starry Night — 2. We learn how he masterfully portrayed our obsession with celebrities, consumerism and the media to create some […] 0 Exit Through The Gift Shop Exit Through The Gift Shop has raised a series of controversies since its release. Exploration of the origins of Russian religious icons, tracing its roots to the Byzantium.