EATING AT 7-ELEVEN IN ASIA! - Fung Bros Food | How To Save Money And Do It Yourself! EATING AT 7-ELEVEN IN ASIA! - Fung Bros Food | How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

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But this is a dish that we get at almost every single restaurant we eat at. Hope they have xiao long bao. Can I get the pork dumplings, please? You know what it is, man.

FUNG BROS FOOD: Americanized Chinese Food w/ JEREMY LIN

Now we want to take things to the next level. Let's go to P. This is the sauteed green beans. But I'm like P. There's a lot of food nerds in theand food nerds aren't usually the ones to go to the clubs and get smashed. If you're a girl, hit up the Fung brothers before you go.

Life, in some ways, is pretty mathematical. The natural baseline for how much they're supposed to like food is already more than average.

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What made the difference? It would be really good. You always have to get like either orange chicken, sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken if you go on for American Chinese food.

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The coverage you get is from food nerds. It's such an iconic spot on Valley Blvd.

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What have been your top 3 biggest breakthroughs on social media? Almost on any given day during lunch hour, you're going to find them sitting on the patio of Savoy.

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Introducing our asian friend, Jeremy Lin. Tell us a little bit about your family background and how that influenced your passion for food. In Hollywood you're always bound to bump into a club promoter.

Hey, sometimes you gotta have some of that! Just cause that sounds good. A lot of people outside of the don't necessarily know too much about it or think it's cool but coming from where we come from in Seattle, which barely had any Asian people, we really appreciated the So, I do recommend moving potentially to be on the list.

Have you ever thought about bringing your teammates to like a really authentic Chinese restaurant?


I probably think some of our parents who like And use the most reviewed feature. I'm actually really partial to curry. Class hands down is the best but also for other reasons like the ambience and location.

And I decided to go a little bit different.

BEST ASIAN ICE CREAM?! - Fung Bros Food - Watch In HD

A lot of hip, young cool people of the are there. It's like they're just foodies by default. That would be offensive to them. Often these videos were recently uploaded a day or so ago.

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