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He had become part of ETA.

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Sobietar Batasunak gerra galdu eta horren ondorioz, Lituaniako independentzia prozesuaren gidarietako batek azaldu bezalaindependentzia lortzeko aukera politikorako egitura sortu zen. Voiceover recording Design, post-production and sound edition Image and graphics post-production.

Later on, he got arrested and imprisoned in France. Salbuespenak gutxi dira eta ia denak eztabaidagarriak. Ez naiz ni orain bere iritziaren aurka agertuko.

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Orohar, errealitate enpirikoari begiratzen badiogu eta gerra kontzeptua malgutasunez tratatzen badugu, Fontanak arrazoia du eztabaidarako tarte txiki batekin.

Asier remained there, getting involved in activities with a clear political commitment, while I moved to Madrid. In Julywhen Asier was released from prison, I took a camera in order to make a film which would try to answer these questions, and, why not, make one side understand better the other.

Asier ETA biok is a full-length documentary film co-directed by the actor Aitor Merino and his sister, the documentary maker Amaia Merino. With your help, we want to finish the post-production and to start the distribution of this documentary film.

At drama school, I made a lot of friends coming from everywhere. He spent the next eight years in prison.

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I had a dream: Areago doa Josep Fontana, historialari bikain honek dio independentzia gerra batekin soilik lortu daitekeela. Aitor Merino How will the money raised be used? Approaching this topic from the friendship point of view and why not, with a sense of criticism, and of course, a good dose of humorAsier ETA biok aims to provide an intimate and subjective view of the conflict, of its causes, and even more, of its possible solutions.

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Then we took different paths: Why did we start with this project? We now have an edited version which is almost the final one.

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The years passed, and my dream of being an actor was actually becoming true, little by little. But the wounds are still open. But my plan soon turned out not to be as easy as expected.

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We believe deeply in cinema as a tool to convey feelings and raise issues that help to understand and know each other better. Last year, ETA declared a permanent cessation of violence.

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I wanted to become an actor. Adibidez, Sobietar Batasun ohiko lurraldeetan izaniko autodeterminazio prozesuak ezingo lirateke azaldu Gerra Hotzaren amaiera gabe.

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How to make them understand my friendship with an ETA militant? But often, the conversation drifted into questions to which I was not able to give an answer: We only need the final boost!

How to make them understand what may have led him to a decision which, even for me, was hard to assimilate? Mendetik aurrera geroz eta ohikoagoa bihurtu da gerra klasikoa botoen gerrarekin uztartzea. The project began just over two years ago, with a lack of financial resources that we replaced by a lot of efforts and enthusiasm.

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We are convinced that the story of the friendship between Aitor and Asier could make its fair contribution on the path to reconciliation. Hona ekarri dudan lehenengo irudian ikusi daiteke sezesioaren aldeko borroka klasikoa gerra izan dela, zuzenean jatorrizko estatuaren aurka edota zeharka nazioarteko gerra handiago baten testuinguru erdian.

During that time, I talked a lot about Asier to my friends from Madrid, and of how special was for me our friendship. The misunderstanding, resentment, immobilism of the political leaders, as well as other political problems, hinder progress towards a lasting peace for the Basque Country.

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The money raised in Verkami will be dedicated to: In MarchAsier disappeared. We love the idea that our audience is involved in this project, and together, we can take this project forward! Boto bidez gauzatutako autodeterminazio prozesu ia guztiek gertuko edo urrutiko lotura dute gerrarekin.