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I promise I won't take you with me: Not to make it all percent right. Finally, the people playing the football match certainly had fun in the film reality.

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So much for "fascist" or "racist". Also, they are saying that they have no problems because they only have ONE race on their planet. I could write the whole dialog down where Mila says she wants to go to Earth. The Earth will not continue to be deserted of the "ET"s!

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Spoilers I'll write this comment as a response to another one. Also, the thing is not just to annoy people, but to make them think, again. They would hang in their seats and think: Nobody is telling you in the film that the surfartikel online dating are bad.

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Some mechanical devices like automates and two, three computers mess up, and a whole football match becomes a hilarious waltz dance - but this is really not the way a terrorist works to mess the Earth up. Perhaps they have arts?

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And they're not messing everything up. Was this review helpful?

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What do you mean by saying "nothing gets any better? Or they can still learn to make visual arts, like learning to make music again.

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Their fun could be spoiled when the game is boring. If you didn't laugh, fine. They live as farmers and farmers have to do farm work, as shown later on in the film.

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One of them is forced to go to Earth - oh come on. Finally, the head woman asks here: Also, there has been music there in former times. There are very few special effects, but there are some.

They are attempting to make something better, but they can't change everything. Her sons try to keep her back and say "Mama, you're all right?

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This green planet is shown like a paradise, all right, but it is not shown as the only way to live right. To the football match again: Also, who knows what is happening on the other planets?

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Wanna change the Earth in weeks? This is perhaps what the Green Planet can still learn from the Earth. Or can I go to your house and rent a white bubble with which to travel to the green planet? Sign in to vote. Later, the sons of Mila, the main character, talk to her about Aborigines: You don't get so often to kiss someone passionately on a football lawn while the judge is taking a shower on the same lawn and your whole team is dancing.

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Do you know why they scramble the brain of some guys? No arts- well, you can say that you are bored without any arts, but those people are represented as having a very colorful life in their heads, and so many abilities with their heads - perhaps they don't need this.

In the assembly of the Green Planet, before, they discussed that one can't make a whole population jump stages and stages of mental development, like "pulling on a salad won't make it grow.

They even explain the development of the Earth as "the most degenerated having the power" and you honestly cannot say anyone else than the Whites are meant because humanity started to develop in Africa and I wouldn't say the colored people have the mass of the power on Earth.

To say it short - it doesn't hurt and it makes spectators laugh.

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They tell of their planet and they will come back. But let the others laugh. No work- simply not true. So, they are not perfect!