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Jaimito had the opportunity to meet and live with his real father, instead he really wanted to be with Simon and found out so did his mother.

He declares himself Lety's enemy because of those beliefs.

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He treats Tomas like a son, and the only boy who's allowed in Lety's room. Her husband, who abandon ed her years ago, makes an unexpected visit shortly after Irmita faints of being overworked in the middle of the program, and dies several episodes later for not taking his prescribed medication.

He is a taxi driver and, when Martha needs it, the kids' baby sitter. She helps makeover Lety into a seductress type model they nickname "Aurora". The story ends with Fernando taking Aldo's place and the wedding and he and Letty marry, realizing that Aldo was an angel who helped them get back together.

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As the least gossipy patient doctor relationship dating quotes the group, she is always there to advise her friends or to give her boss his Valerian drops when the "mimisky" mee-mees-kee hits him.

She is an excellent cook and a caring mother. She is completely loyal to him and would do whatever he needed her to do. He becomes good friends with Aldo and encourages him to pursue Lety, especially since it'll discourage Alicia's crush on Aldo.

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He is very humble and honest. She looks forward to her wedding anxiously. Lety, over time, begins to realize her long-term influence over others, which contributes to everyone liking her in the end.

Alicia Ferreira becomes his platonic love after he finds a picture of her in a magazine.

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However, he slowly but surely falls in love with Lety but that's when she discovers he was just using her all along. Omar believes that he is the ultimate Casanova and therefore he can woo any women he wants.

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He often does other people's, especially Alicia's, bidding. Her boss gets her on board by seducing her and pretending he wants to be her boyfriend. He eventually earns a diploma in Information Technology and wins Paula's favor.

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Fernando and Omar find out that Lety put Tomas in charge of finances of the false company, and then hear from her friends that she is in love with Tomas. She often likes to brag that she studied "six semesters of finance at the Anahuac", as proof of her education and abilities.

She likes to think of herself as the "Executive Secretary to the President" when in actuallity she is a gofer.

La Fea Mas Bella

He secretly "dates" her to keep her on his side, despite being engaged to Marcia. The crush more or less stops when he discovers, along with everyone at Conceptos, that Aldo is in love with Lety.

Tomas is equally as ugly as she is, and they are like brother and sister. However,in an unfortunate manner, Lety finds out that she is actually being used and betrayed.

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After much prodding from his wife and daughter, he accepts that Lety is a beautiful, grown woman who can take care of herself. Google Analytics cookies processed by Google LLC used for the purpose of analysing visitor traffic on this website. She has serious monetary problems because she likes to buy herself lavish clothes and jewelry despite not having the salary for it.

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He's obsessed with beauty and glamor and will not stand anything less. After she finds out she was just being used, she runs away to Acapulco where she meets Aldo and learns to open up her heart again.

The president of the company, Fernando Mendiola, however, calls her back. Fernando continues a relationship with Marcia, but only because he is not sure that Lety will accept him.