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Rather than sell some of the magic potion, Getafix accompanies Numerobis to Alexandria, and Asterix and Obelix accompany him encountering the pirates along the way. They are joined by Numerobis, whom they guide to Getafix.


The version released on DVD in the Australia by Madman Entertainment contains two discs, one the original French version with multiple language subtitles and the other the Miramax edit. En route, he drops his vial of potion, and the villainous rival architect Pyradonis drinks it.

In Gaul, two Roman legionnaires challenge protagonist Asterix, who drinks the potion and defeats one Roman; whereupon Obelix fells the other.

Translations[ edit ] Miramax Films re-edited the film for an North American audience, cutting approximately 21 minutes and dubbing the movie into English using an American cast.

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Numerobis and the Gauls complete the palace, and Caesar concedes his bet to Cleopatra. This pun was already hinted at in the French version; the actor playing Edifis used his distinctive North-African accent to create a subtle confusion between "droid" and "druid"and some changes in characterisation, most notably Obelix who appears far more intelligent than usual.

To perform this task, Cleopatra hires the architect Numerobis, on pain of death and much to the dismay of Pyradonis, Cleopatra's customary architect. Meanwhile, Panoramix gives Numerobis some potion, with which he defeats Criminalis. In the epilogue, all the characters except Criminalis celebrate in a bar.

As they return to Alexandria, Caesar is informed of the Gauls' presence, and leads an attack to destroy the unfinished palace. The dubbed dialogue uses some of the original English names, but the rest are either reused from the American English translation of the original album, or newly invented names.

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The English script added many new jokes for the American audience, including more references to modern popular culture Edifis continually calls Getafix a " droid ", for example. While they greet her, Asterix falls in love with Guimieukis, a maidservant. This is most notable among minor characters; the pirate crew, for example, are referred to by the names of famous rock and roll musicians including JohnPaulGeorge and Ringo just before a cry of "let's rock and roll!

He and his secretary Papyris discuss the druid Getafix Panoramix in the original Frenchwhose potion empowers its drinkers; and Numerobis goes in search of him.

When Cleopatra receives the letter, she stops Caesar from destroying the palace. As they observe the workers, Pyradonis starts a riot; but the druid supplies the workers with potion, and they build rapidly.