How to set the right AttachDbFilename relative path in Core? (C#) - How to set the right AttachDbFilename relative path in Core? (C#) -

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In order to work with a local database file, you can simply add the file to your project e.

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The first time you connect to a database by using this option in the connection string, the SQL Server Express or LocalDB instance attaches the database, and it stays attached.

The downside is that you still have two copies so after you modify the database file using the app, if you want to work on those changes in the project, you need to copy it to the project manually and vise-versa. If that name would be longer than characters, the database name would be the file name with a hash of the full path appended to it.

For more information, see SqlConnection.

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Full path vs relative path One of the reasons why it was hard to work with database files before attachdbfilename relative dating that the full path to the database was serialized in different places. This ensures that the path to your database remains current if the application is moved to a different directory.

Some examples of these database names are shown in the following illustration: This is a common scenario when you use the Entity Framework, especially if you leave lazy loading enabled.

If you omit this setting, ADO.

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This seems a nice feature, but only as long as you are only distributing your solution containing the application. So instead of having a connection string like this: In this version, the.

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If the full path is longer than characters, a default database name is constructed from the path by appending a hash of the filipina christian dating professional path to the file name.

It is often more efficient to load related data by using eager loading, which retrieves all of the data by using a single join query, but sometimes join queries are inefficient.

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If the database is created by the ASP. If your own code creates the database, or if you detach the database and run the project again after the.

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In LocalDB connection strings, the Visual Studio web project templates add a unique number as a suffix to both the file name and the Initial Catalog setting, as shown in the following example: This setting specifies the name of the database in the SQL Server instance catalog.

It will make sure that the connection strings are serialized using a relative path more on this below. When you want to connect to the same database in the future you could use Initial Catalog without AttachDbFileName if you prefer.

NET runtime added support for what we call the DataDirectory macro. If this copy behavior is not what you want, there are few ways to work around it: This way it is possible to specify a relative path for your DB-File. You can define the value for DataDictionary like this: NET membership system or by Entity Framework Code First, a database name is created by taking the file name without the.


Suppose the project specified the following values: For the same reason, the suffixes added by the Visual Studio templates won't prevent name collisions if you create a copy of a project by copying the files instead of by creating a new project in Visual Studio, which generates a new unique number.

False means use SQL Server security to log in by using the User ID and Password values in the connection string, and raise an exception if they are not present. Why make it so hard?

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You can set this property to Copy Never and then manually put a copy of the data file in the output folder. I settled for the following acceptable workaround: SetData "DataDirectory", newpath For customizing the connection string at runtime, please see our team blog at: For more information, see the following resources: Otherwise, For more information, see SqlConnection.

SQL Server Connection Strings for ASP.NET Web Applications

It will automatically add a connection in the Database Explorer so you can edit the database schema or the data. Before deploying the app, just make sure to replace the full path in the settings with a relative path. Once the database file is in the project, VS will do a few things: We currently support adding SQL Server data files.

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This made it harder to share a project and also to deploy the application. The project template of ASP. For example, the second line of code in the following example will raise an exception if you don't enable MARS because the query that returns instructors is still active when the ToList method executes a new query that retrieves related courses: The first time the file is added, VS will also launch the Data Source wizard to create a new typed dataset.

Note If the database will be used by the Entity Framework and your application targets the. This is a common scenario for integration tests, which live in another project.

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Net MVC for instance uses this feature out of the box. In fact, this is simply because there are two copies of the data file involved. The tools are using the copy in the project, not the one in the bin folder. If you want to create a new project by copying an existing project's files, change the suffix number manually to make it unique.

Invalid value for key AttachDBFileName - related to 16-bit calling code ?

For an acceptable workaround see at the bottom. This makes it easy to distribute your database with your project, which is a nice thing.

It is possible to change that value and override the default behavior by doing this: This way, on subsequent builds, the project system will leave the datafile in the output folder and not try to overwrite it with the one from the project.

Here the problem on Stackoverflowand here an explanation on the Data Access blog. Note that in order to be able to use.

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You can omit the Initial Catalog setting, as shown in this example: