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At least five provinces, as well as Buenos Aires City, have developed guidelines for the provision of legal abortion services. Among other accountability structures, the National Program on Sexual Health and Responsible Procreation in principle has an advisory council, created by ministerial resolution in January It was a wanted pregnancy, and I started to cry.

The ultimate human consequence of this lack of accountability is suffering, and sometimes even death. Paola Ferro, the head of the National Program on Sexual Health and Responsible Procreation, acknowledged that delays—sometimes for several weeks—are often linked to the erroneous judicialization of access to legal abortion, because once a case goes to court, doctors feel they have to wait for the court decision to provide services they could have provided legally without delay.

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Many women with crisis pregnancies go directly to underground service providers, though some end up in the courts arguing for their right to health care, with varying success, as described below.

In addition, States parties should ensure that they have access to appropriate information, regardless of … whether their parents or guardians consent.

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Human Rights Watch documented one such case. In Marchthe committee issued the following statement with regard to Argentina: Their suffering is routinely ignored.

Ks22 online dating, Human Rights Watch research indicates that the guidelines so far have been selectively implemented and routinely ignored.

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Develop and implement regulations that enable women and girls with disabilities to effectively enjoy their reproductive rights, including the right to accessible health information and services. The system has functions attached to both the executive and legislative branch, and has decentralized auditing offices in the provinces that report back to capital.

First, the legislative branch does not receive the information it needs from the executive branch to carry out its oversight function. The conclusions of this report build on more extensive research that Human Rights Watch carried out in andreports by United Nations agencies and nongovernmental organizations NGOs based on field research and interviews since ; official health data; and recent health system evaluations published in medical journals, news outlets, and academic research journals.

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Others are forced to carry life-threatening pregnancies to term because medical providers refuse to provide abortions services that, in these circumstances, are legal. Human Rights Watch spoke to a woman who found herself in the absurd situation of citing medical advice back to the doctor who had given it to her in the first place.

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Access to Contraception and Abortion: The court lists among its reasons for finding for Acevedo: For example, even a comprehensive tally of the number of contraceptives distributed and used across the country would not measure effective access to contraception.

On April 26[Acevedo] was already in pre-mortem stage, with internal organs shutting down, and they did a surgical intervention…. A public official … who does not execute those laws he or she is charged with fulfilling is punishable with prison of one month to two years and removal from office of twice this time.

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Medical providers must provide the service at the moment it is solicited, and must interpret the law in the manner that is most favorable to the human rights of the patient.

BNA does not allow the use of correspondent accounts by or on behalf of third parties. At this point Acevedo discovered that she was pregnant, and a medical file from December 20,noted that she could not be given radiation due to the pregnancy.

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Gabriela Perrotta, co-director for the sexual health program in Buenos Aires City acknowledged: Guidelines for Buenos Aires City require the hospital director to validate the diagnosis established by the doctor. The health ministry answered that medical professionals had been trained to treat women respectfully, and that the guide on legal abortion was being revised internally in the ministry for potential legal errors.

Yet every year, thousands of women and girls in Argentina experience entirely preventable suffering because of their reproductive capacity.

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The Office of the Auditor-General of the Nation was also created by law inand serves a similar function as that of the Syndicate-General, though reporting to Congress.

The fact that [the public officials in charge], who knew about the existence of the pregnancy of the patient from the very beginning of the gestation, who knew about the illness of the mother, and given the risk to her life and the fact that she had consented [to an abortion], did not offer the interruption of [the pregnancy] as an alternative to be able to treat the tumor, knowing that without such treatment it would be impossible for her to carry the pregnancy to term and give birth.

An Obstacle Course InHuman Rights Watch documented continued problems in access to health services to which females in Argentina are legally entitled, including contraception, voluntary sterilization, legal abortion, and post-abortion care.

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Access to services and information is complicated for able-bodied individuals and can be nearly impossible for those with physical disabilities, in particular in resource-poor settings. My child does not even have sex. Based on its own risk assessment, the Bank takes necessary steps to obtain knowledge on expected transactions by its customers.

In Buenos Aires City, the local health ministry has added a requirement that health centers with obstetrics and gynecological services set up an interdisciplinary committee to oversee decisions regarding legal abortion made by individual doctors, when the doctor requests it.