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But it certainly gives Tautou the chance to show that she can carry off a big role in a big movie, and portray a complex, creative personality.

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It was very impressive because of the location. Their best bet, it would seem, is to attract the attentions of some wealthy Parisian.

This way, the film is not forced to fudge the question of her farewell my love band quotes flirting during the Nazi occupation of Paris, when she was criticised for an apparent liaison with a German officer: Her best-laid plans begin to go awry as she develops feelings for a man of average means.

At the center is Tautou as young Gabrielle Chanel, before the revolutionary menswear-inspired haute couture, before the fully articulated philosophy of pared down, practical luxury.

Audrey Tautou

She is, as usual, sincere in her delivery—even when she is delivering a sincerely superficial character. When she walks through his mansion for the first time, we see her falling in love with luxury, beginning to calculate, despite her resentment.

David Foenkinos novel Stars: The people surrounding Audrey were people who had actually known the real Coco Chanel. Shortly after the opening credits—which could pass for a lovely, art-house version of Madeline—the film picks up Coco Tautou and her sister Adrienne Marie Gillain as turn-of-the-century teens trying to earn a few francs singing dance-hall tunes in a rowdy rural tavern.

She till date is giving her entire time to her professional career and is living her life full of freedom. Or to be more precise, shows up well before the boat sails. Freed from the drudgery of earning a living, Chanel has the leisure to notice what is amiss with women's clothes - though her observations are never carried forward into a critique of women's behaviour or women's social or political status.

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The real shop in Rue de Cambon in Paris. The dresses that you see the models wearing were actual dresses that Chanel had made herself. The clean lines of her designs and elegant high-contrast juxtapositions of black and white owe something to mourning, and to a need to surmount mourning, to a need to please men and yet to do without them as well.

She wishes she could earn her own way in life instead of just marrying into money. Although unable to completely disappear into the role, she does away with that irresistible brightness in her eyes for a more demure but equally intense appearance. Paradise is all but lost in Dirty Pretty Things, a story of twisted lies, corruption, and— yes— organ trafficking in the London underworld.

This is, as the title says, Coco Avant Chanel: A Very Long Engagement, Director: She performs a sadness so quiet, still and intense, it seems almost eternal.

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If I reach the bend before the car Manech will come back alive! To put it in fashion terms, the details are stunning, but the overall shape is somewhat lacking. An attempt at cracking the Paris showbusiness world with Balsan's help goes sour, and she has to earn her bread as a dressmaker, but nonetheless impudently arrives at Balsan's country estate expecting to be taken in; her slightly bemused patron agrees and even presses his sexual prerogative, but there is something in Chanel's imperious and bohemian psychological makeup which will not let her become anything as banal as a kept woman.

It is a cool, unshowy performance, probably not histrionic enough to get a prize, as Cotillard's Piaf did. But it would have been nice to have seen a bit more of that millinery magic.

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Their clothes, she sees, are too fussy, too uncomfortable, too absurd; these cumbersome garments are apparently worn for men's approval but succeed in pleasing neither sex. To become somebody without knowing how she will manage and which direction she will go. Two movies were made this year about the great designer and fashion pioneer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel.

It is a style that hints at homosexuality but of course entrances powerful men, including Capel, who murmurs that these clothes are easy for him to remove. Although we have previously seen Tautou play a grieving woman, she experiences real mourning as Nathalie.

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Tautou so perfectly captured that young, relentless lover but with a sensuality and command that few actresses could have pulled off convincingly. She also plays an amazingly convincing drunk, which some of the best actresses of our day ahem, Kate Winslet, ahem have been unable to accomplish.

Capel's own tragic fate is something that causes her to retreat from love and pour her emotions solely into her art. As the movie became phenomenal hit she alongside her sister went to Indonesia to spent her vacation.

She developed passion for acting in small age as a result she was enrolled in Cours Florent. This beautiful actress with dynamic skill was seen acting at the small age of 18 as she was signed by an agent who was impressed by her when she was just 17 years old.

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Her performance did however, beg one question: In different era of time she has dated some of her boyfriend. In true rom-com fashion a series of ridiculous scenes unfold with an important lesson in how-to-get-what-you-want-from-the-opposi te-sex: In addition to this she also has shown her acting ability in movies like Le Libertin and Happenstance.

Given their penniless background, the girls have few more promising options.