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Teamwork makes the dream work.

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Nowadays, most comments on fan reuploads tristan coopersmith menu dating divas either angry and hateful towards Usher or angry and hateful towards his record label who are widely seen as responsible for taking the video down and then forcing it to be changed dramatically.

However, some fans have Abandoned Ship following Tom's gambling scandals coming to light in Fans of his generally get on quite well with the Yogscastparticularly Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane. Talk about irrational anger.

This is a possible reference to his iconic and deceased Minecraft pet Jerry The Slime.

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In this vlogJordan points out that as awful as the comments section for Youtube may be at the moment compared to the old system, the old system was far from perfect. In Episode 8 " A Journey's End? People who watch his Minecraft videos assume that the rest of his channel is family friendly.

He is the only YouTuber whose death happens regardless. He's not a great rapper per say, but he really does put a lot of effort in, which makes it cheesily endearing.

Jordan at Minecraftsince he really is that good. When being asked about TorqueDawg, Captain Sparklez doesn't say anything mean about him, because TorqueDawg can't defend himself.

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If there's one group Jordan goes out of his way to utterly skewer, it is copyright lawyers and YouTube 's shoddy system for trying to enforce it.

While quite a few of his fans initially liked Usher and thought that "Revenge" was a nice 'parody' of sorts, the song subsequently being taken down has seriously soured fandom interactions.

It's so absurd that people comment it on every single one of Captain Sparklez's Reddit videos. Fans are debating whether or not they're already dating.

Any time he rants on copyright and how it isn't compatible with the new internet. Rather than saying that the creators of original content should have no say, he acknowledges that they should be considered in the process, but points out that their draconian nature and Youtube's policy about it are bad for business and PR.

Jordan laughing his head off. The trap was built by The White Pumpkin. Captain Sparklez with the other YouTubers. Jesse can also say this phrase again in Season 2Episode 1, " Hero in Residence ", when Jesse is presenting the structure block to the citizens of Beacontown.

Jordan rapping generally gets this reaction. After "Revenge" was taken down due to Executive MeddlingJordan was forced to remake the song so that it didn't sound remotely similar to how it was previously. Quotes —Captain Sparklez to TorqueDawg.


The start of the sneak-peek is a reference on how Captain Sparklez starts his videos. The instrumentation for "Minecraft Style" is very catchy, and "Take Back the Night" has a similar sort of thing. The Minecraft stuff normally is unless Jordan specifically warns otherwise, but with other stuff like Happy Wheels or Prop Huntyou're shit outta luck.

With Hat Filmsthanks to Jordan guest starring in their charity livestreams, generally being a good sport and having a similar sense of humour. Back when he used to play Call of Duty a lot specifically Modern Warfarepeople that cheated to earn tactical nukes were specifically hounded out and mocked on a regular basis.

With SeaNannersGassy Mexican and the others. A fairly big part of the fandom are quite serious about this ship and don't think it's played for laughs. Sparklez watching TorqueDawg die.

Fans are also debating whether Tom and Jordan are dating, seeing as they created their own ship and they're really close in real life. That preview is confirmed to be non-canon.

Gallery Captain Sparklez in the Portal Hallway. Given the current situation and how it's one of the few things he really gets angry about, it's very justified.

Captain Sparklez x Aureylian

Not to mention they kissed once. The response from fans, while not blaming Jordan specifically and understanding that he had no choice, has been generally negative, igniting a Fandom Rivalry between his fans and Usher.

The White Pumpkin Indirectly, created the trap When Captain Sparklez was addressing the group who were in the dining room, Dan accidentally pressed a button which activated some pistonswhich pushed Captain Sparklez into a pit later filled with sand blocks.

Captain Sparklez appeared in cameo preview at the end of Episode 6, mentioning the adventures that might happen in "Access Denied". Captain Sparklez behind TorqueDawg. This is a reminder to Captain Sparklez, who determinately said this in Episode 6.