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I personally don't think she can balletjes pistool kopen belgium online dating either and the dancing is obviously fake, which is fine because it's a show, but her awkward social skills just make me cringe.

Sure that no one wants to hear bad things that your saying about people who are way more famous than you So let me get this straight, you made a show about a wannabe guy who thinks the world of himself and is always like 'hi I'm Austin Moon the biggest internet sensation' and an awkward, geeky girl who forever ass kisses this guy and all he does is austin and ally dating spoilers her songs and their friends are some mentally retarded kid and a lazy, clueless girl who gets fired everyday.

You are is mean and I would be ashamed if I were you. That's so Raven actually had plot.

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He can't do anything. They are making the best of their acting careers, so stop talking bull pardon my French about other people. The show began as sort of adventures of a pop star, sort of like Hannah Montana, just no living a secret double life.

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Some people could relate with stage fright! And this is just something I was thinking: Something about the two protagonists reminds me of a classic 80's sitcom, albeit without the romance; You know, the one at a bar in Boston where everybody knows your name. More than just a standard Disney sitcom that clings to music orientation Ddey65 30 May In my reviews of "Hannah Montana" and "Big Time Rush," I mentioned that notion that the programming executives of both the Disney Channel and their competitors at Nickelodeon were the only reason teen pop musicians still have a market.

Firstly, the show never gave its audience any reason that they should even care about the characters or what happens to them.

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Being mean is not cool. Austin - He's not cool and just such an annoying character, and this is bad since Watch the show more. Ally somehow goes from being a shy girl to being on the same level with Austin in terms of success and neither of them lifts a pinkie to achieve their goals.

The show falls flat for me.

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He is so inconsiderate and narcissistic. Austin is a sucker who acts like he is more important to the world. Her voice is like she is talking with just more breath behind her voice.

Add some romance between the songwriter and the pop-star, and subtract Ally's frequent failed efforts to act cool, and you've got a contemporary teen-aged Diane Chambers right here on this show.

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But the third episode seems to have established that their relationship is completely platonic. Who eats their hair when they're nervous? If I'm being honest, I sort of enjoyed it in the beginning like maybe the first 6 episodes but then it just lost its spark.

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The only show on Disney that's good was Good Luck Charlie, but of course that had to end. Kids don't know the old Disney, so they think this is a good show. I also hated the fact that Trish did nothing she should be old enough and responsible enough to tell an adult.

Calum Worthy is funny, he's talented and he has his own show called Just Kidding and it's funny.

Ross Lynch is also amazing, and he doesn't lip synch or anything. His Teen Beach Movie role only proved him to be even worse at acting. Apparently they perform together in this episode and after that Ally says something like "I feel like I can do anything right now" and Austin says "I know I can do anything with you by my side" and then Ally wants to hug him but his guitar is in the way so he swings it to his back and kisses her for 5 seconds!

Dez's only purpose is comic relief, despite the fact that the person who plays him is the only decent actor on the show. Oh yeah, by the Internet overnight.

I can't believe this is above Jessie though Guys, chill. And what if she brings a jar of pickles?! You don't like the show, you hate it, it's horrible, blah blah blah.