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Therefore, my electorate awaits self-determinationalong with the Kashmiris.

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The learning process involved entails a lifelong inner journey conducive to maturity and self-determination. Since the s we have been demanding self-determination and no longer independence. We support these actions and condemn any maneuver of this type that will risk the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to self determination.

Here, we should take the side of food self-determination more decisively. In the absence of an appropriate territorial base, self-determination would be an empty word.

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Only in this way can the right to sovereignty and internal self-determination be realised. It's the day of self-determination for the Afghan people.

It will also coordinate the delivery of humanitarian aid and support capacity-building for self-government. Self-determination in Western Sahara is essential for that.

We promote the unity of all peoples comprising Iraq against the Yankee imperialist coalition, and the national liberty and self-determination, for example, of the Turkoman and Kurdish peoples. Suggest an example Results: There are currently no self-government agreements in place in Newfoundland.

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SADI observed that self-determination also had an economic dimension. Western powers have always been champions of human rights and self-determination within the bounds of international law. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

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And our country that boasts about believing in self-determination Self-determination of the cosmos. This internationalist outlook is translated into the principles of prevalence of human rights, self-determination of peoples, repudiation of terrorism and racism, and cooperation among peoples for the progress of mankind.

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There is a clear link between maternal mortality and self-determination. The Council stresses the importance of reaching agreement before the referendum on South Sudan's self determination.

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Self-determination is possible when you live in a democracy where the rule of law applies. There is an imperialist project under way, which intends to hijack sovereignty and self-determination.

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The right to national self-determination does not imply an assertion of de jure independence. Pakistan has championed the cause of Kashmiri self-determination. The right of peoples to self-determination is an inviolable principle. The respect for our sovereignty and self-determination is only genuine if it respects the rights of Cubans.

Fortalecimiento de organizaciones indígenas en América Latina (PROINDÍGENA)

Following a four-year transitional period, a referendum on self-determination would be held. These specific attitudes include the systematic devaluation of any forms of indigenous self governance and self determination.

The right of the Cameroonian people to self-determination is reaffirmed in the Constitution.