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ˈme-lə-dē – a sweet succession of sounds

The lyrics are simple and not pa-impress at all. Share0 Love songs were among the first music lyrics composed. I suggest using this song if, like in the movie, the girl wants to get to know you more. Since then, many wedding dances were performed on this song, many girls cried listening to it and many guys plaid it when trying to create a romantic atmosphere.

It was named by some the best love song of the 20th century and it was produced in as many as hundred different languages.

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This musical style did not go out of date despite being hundreds of years old. This type of music finds millions of listening ears all over the world and has a huge amount of fans. The most popular love songs are the ones with the most cherished messages, the ones which can be related to most real life stories.

And yes, please go give the band a try. This is a tune with a long history.

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InElvis Presley performed it on stage just few weeks before his death, in his awesome single girl songs television appearance.

Singing this to someone would make her realize that you really do want to take care of her and not just use her as a trophy girlfriend of some sort. It sounds like a awesome single girl songs song altogether!

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Feel free to add more to the list! Forgive me if the genre is sorta the same for all of the songs in the list. I made my own spin to this song by changing some parts to stuff that I like e.

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Carry my love Sarah Geronimo is a Pilipino singer who recorded this tune in Sing this to that girl you love. And for a good reason that is! A very meaningful and emotional song, it is appropriate for any type of love relationship, romantic or not. Apparently, fans appreciated the change and this song became one of the best of the year, ranking first in tops for several weeks, in countries such as Australia or Canada, and second in USA, England, Ireland and New Zeeland.

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It quickly became a number- one hit single and one of the most beloved love songs of all time. We all enjoy listening to love songs, be it only for the short periods we feel butterflies in our bellies.

Written by Dianne Warren, the song is a tribute to her father, for his support. If you just take the lyrics of this song and say this to someone, it may come of as bola. This is one of the most romantic songs ever.

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You should definitely not let your girl sit when this song is on. Eventually, the single was released and it opened a new musical path for Madonna, who had never before tried to sing love ballads. Here are 10 awesome love songs. For the girls, I know that giddy feeling that we get imagining that the songs we listen to are written and sung for us.

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The music that the song comes with conceals this bola factor, however, and makes it sound so honest and not too cheesy for the tough guys to stomach.

The song was a hit from the start and reached the first position on tops in many countries. Lady in red Thumbs up if you ever danced with your partner on this song!


This love song really creates a romantic atmosphere in a room populated by 2. Thus, I came up with this short list of what I think are 6 awesome relatively recent songs to sing to a girl.

Little did they know what an immense impact this song would have on many following generations! It appeared back inbut it is almost as popular today, especially at weddings, but also whenever the situation demands a special, slow song with a powerful romantic feel.

It was acknowledged as one of the best songs to make love on.