Lauren Elizabeth & Meghan Rienks: HOW TO GET READY FOR A DATE - GUIDE TO DATING | Lauren Elizabeth & Meghan Rienks: HOW TO GET READY FOR A DATE - GUIDE TO DATING |

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This year-old has a growing list of creative projects, from writing to consulting to starting her very own company.

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During my free time, I had side projects, like handwriting all my text messages in calligraphy for a week Modern Day Snail Mail. A new study found that teen girls spend 45 minutes a day doing household chores; boys, on the other hand, spend a mere 15 minutes.

How exactly did you get to where you are now, professionally?

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I also do freelance hand-lettering, food lettering, and illustration work for clients all over the world. Worse yet, daughters get paid less allowance than sons do.

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Look at it as another set of skills to add to your toolbox. Throughout college, I interned. Even when you think you have it all together, you continue to grow—even as an adult. If you want to try a different career path, do it!

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On top of being totally unfair, experts argue that this imbalanced workload during childhood helps perpetuate the wage gap in the workplace. How one author-illustrator crafted her own career from scratch By Casey Lewis Cristina Vanko is the brilliant author, hand-letterer, illustrator, and art director behind Adult-ish among so many other things!

Nothing has to be permanent. What work advice do you have for young people just starting out?

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She was relatable in many ways, but I especially loved her sense of style. Donald Trump has inspired a whole new generation of journalists.

This trend is common in tumultuous political times see: Be a trailblazer and own your interests. Watch the throwback show on Netflix for inspo, then keep reading.

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Let your excitement drive you. That particular project went viral and caught the eyes of my editor. My sister veered me off that path by telling me that art would make me a more diverse candidate for law school applications.

Keep being yourself and discovering the things that make you happy vs.

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What were you like as a teen? Turns out, it also starts at home. And, since sharing chores is the key to a happy relationship later on, starting early is a win-win for everyone.

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While everyone was focused on wearing and displaying name brands, I honed in on my inner-Lizzie and mixed and matched color and pattern like no tomorrow. But then I was kinda a nerd as I studied a little too much and absolutely loved competing with my speech and debate team.

In the meantime, I met my copywriter, Eileen Matthews. Eventually, she left for LA, and I left for freelancing and writing more books—like Adult-ish. After graduation, I worked as a digital designer designing apps and software at a startup incubator space in Indianapolis.

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She taught me that it was more interesting to be different. Los Angeles, California, U.

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As an adult, what do you wish you could tell your teenage self now? I hop around the city art directing with different advertising agencies. After Canada criticized women's lack of rights in Saudi Arabia, the country froze all trade, expelled Canada's ambassador, and ordered students to leave.

With time, your interests evolve as you keep learning.