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On the Republican side, by contrast, it really is too close to call. Whatever happens, the blue team is going to end up with a candidate who seems an odd fit for Kansas. At least 29 women advanced to the next round on Tuesday, a number that could grow as large as 33 once all the close races are called.

For example, anyone who was planning to stock up on Chinese propylene copolymers better do it quickly. The money is gone forever and the return is zero unless, of course, it is a casino and you are Donald Trump.

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They tried to use Gates' extramarital affairs, and his other sleazy and illegal behaviors against him, but he already frankly admitted to all of that on Monday, and was happy to admit internet datings fone jacker doovde it again on Tuesday.

The taxi business used to be an all-cash business, making it easy to hide income. Since he has held the smallest number of fundraisers since Jimmy Carter—and almost half were for him—he hasn't actually been a powerful money machine for the Republican Party.

In KS, the Democrats already had their candidate in the person of former state house minority leader Paul Davis.

It's close enough that a winner won't be called until the provisional and absentee ballots are counted followed, very possibly, by a recount but Republican Troy Balderson's 1,vote leadto 99, is olusive dating website insurmountable.

So at least indirectly, the pressure on Cohen has been ramped up again. On Wednesday, they will have to make a decision whether to stick with that narrative, or to go in another direction.

Ayase haruka dating 2018 electoral votes distribution of the cash seems to follow a pattern: The Democrats are going to be wrestling with this dilemma for a long time unless small donors begin writing a lot more checks to ordinary representatives who are not in the news a lot.

In particular, donating money to a losing candidate is like putting money into a subsidiary and having it go bankrupt. In any case, today may be "make or break" for the defendant unless we assume he's already broken.

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When I decided to go to Ohio for Troy Balderson, he was down in early voting 64 to Senate Debbie Stabenowand for at least seven and possibly as many as nine of the state's 14 house districts.

The investigation is being done by federal prosecutors in New York who are not connected to special prosecutor Robert Mueller. And there may be more that hasn't leaked out yet. There, the Democrats will run a woman for governor Gretchen Whitmerfor the U.

Laura Kelly cruised to an easy victory, crushing her nearest opponent by 30 points. There are times when it's apropos to cast a protest ballot, but given the environmental record of the Trump administration, that time is not right now.

Still up in the air is WA, where Kim Schrier holds a narrow 1,vote lead over Jason Rittereiser 18, to 17, Particularly brutal for the defense was the introduction of a number of e-mails from Manafort to Gates about various shady activities, like wiring money to secret offshore accounts or doctoring Manafort's books.

He will face a strong opponent in Steve Watkins, who won a comfortable victory over Caryn Tyson. Cohen is accused of not reporting all his income to IRS—that is, he's accused of tax evasion.

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But then again, Trump believes trade wars are good and easy to win. Thus far, however, their coattails have been pretty short. Since two of that list are key swing states, it should be very interesting. It's also possible that some of the evidence tentatively introduced on Tuesday, like Yankee tickets that were distributed to friends and associates, could be Trump-linked, but thus far the prosecution is keeping details close to the vest.

On the Democratic side, State Sen.

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If the defense can't significantly undermine Gates' testimony, in one way or another, it is hard to see how Manafort can come out of this thing without a guilty verdict or Meanwhile, 1, people cast their ballots for the Green party candidate.

In any event, as with his rallies, and his fundraising see belowit is clear that Trump is very good at getting Donald Trump elected, but not much of a force when it comes to electing others. He will win BIG in Nov. One wonders what it will take for people to learn that a vote for the "ideal" third party candidate is, in effect, a vote for the less ideal major party candidate.

Gates clearly took very good notes while working for his former boss, and then reviewed them before his testimony, because he appeared to know every detail of Of course, it would be possible to fix the system so people could protest and also not throw the election to their least-preferred candidate, namely by adopting IRV Instant Runoff Voting everywhere, so voters could mark their first, second, and third choices.

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In a strong year for women candidates, it was a strong night for women candidates. Women candidates also did well in Washington. The amount of tax he didn't pay is reported to be hundreds of thousands of dollars, which puts him well into "felony" territory.

Here is how the number of personal vs. Undoubtedly, there will be takeaways aplenty today, and perhaps some interesting trends will be noted in municipal-level elections. Lying on a bank application is bank fraud, another felony.

When the value of the taxi medallions took a nosedive due to Uber and Lyft, Cohen needed money so he applied for bank loans. Some of the goods targeted are fairly commonplace items, including motorcycles, electric motors, microprocessors, tractors, and antennas.

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While the recipients may be initially happy with "free money," it may come back to bite them later. For Trump, by contrast, almost half of his fundraisers so far have been for his reelection campaign, not for the RNC or other Republican committees, or for Republican candidates.

Meanwhile, the gubernatorial candidate they stumped for in Michigan—Abdul El-Sayed—got crushed by 21 points, losing to the more moderate Whitmer. Particularly noticeable was the success of women candidates in Michigan. She probably shouldn't expect to be added to the White House Christmas card list.

Whitmer, Stabenow, and four of the female congressional candidates are heavily favored to win.

Still, that person may manage to unseat Rep. And then, next Tuesday is a pretty big day, as another four states Minnesota, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Vermont hold primaries. All that notwithstanding, Democrats have decided not to accept money from corporate PACs.

Donald Trump has done it, too, holding 29 fundraisers since in office. Trump is already claiming credit for what happened in OH, making the utterly unfounded assertion that he moved the needle by 28 points: Absentee and provisional ballots and the likely recount could absolutely swing this one in either direction.

Privately, the pooh-bahs are going to be scared witless. Given what the polls said before the President's involvement, the latter is the likeliest of the three. While it is true that both sides brought out the cavalry, the Republicans did so more aggressively, and will not be able to do that in 50 or districts come November.

The office of the U. Given that round two of this squabble will be waged just eight weeks before the midterms, it means that Team Trump is clearly OK going into the midterms with ownership of an emerging trade war. This means that the executives are coming to believe that the Democrats may capture the House, so they want to get into the good graces of the new leaders.

On Saturday, Hawaiians will go to the polls to choose which Democrats they want to trounce the sacrificial lambs put up by the GOP. Here are the major results and storylines: His former-associate-turned-stool-pigeon, Rick Gates, was once again the star witness, and was once again devastating.

In KS, meanwhile, we have another race that's too close to call. The Night of the Woman: