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Gallery Their weight gain medicine helped me in gaining mass naturally. Generally indicated in respiratory ailments, digestive troubles, and for general tonic effect in the body. Our Mission Holistic health to all through Ayurveda and Homeopathy through physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Importance of Ayurveda Ayurveda serves as a medium of unveiling early stages of illnesses which apparently modern medical investigations fail to detect.

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India has always excelled in fields before any other country in the world, and the subtle yet effective practise of Ayurveda is just one among them! We use the combined experience of more than years old science of Homeopathy with 35 years of our personal experience to provide you homoeopathic treatment solutions.

This product is intended for ophthalmic application. He hails from Kerala which is the land of Ayurveda and has a strong Ayurvedic background. Particles should not adhere each other.

We are the stockiest of clinically proven Ayurvedic Medicines for:

The aspiration was to provide Ayurveda in a traditional and effective way. I took a package of Rs.

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Ayurvedic medicines We primarily deal in all kinds of traditional ayurvedic medicines such as bhasma, churnas, guggul, aritha, etc. On your next weekend, head for an exotic ayurvedic spa modello flirt scavolini las vegas in one of the best spas and let the professionals take you to a world five thousand years back!

Pain relief oil We provide a vast range of pain relief oils of various brands which are very effective against all types of pain. The treatment is going good and I am recovering well.

Aqueous and alcoholic extracts of the ingredients are easily and quickly absorbed from the gastric Mucosa by the administration of Asavarishtam.

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We provide traditional kerala ayurvedic wellness Vedica Wellness Centre is the result of the continuous efforts of Dr. The therapies are performed by a respected, professional group of well-experienced Therapists.

I am very much happy with their treatment. Kanjira Ayur Spa specialises in offering all kind of Ayurvedic and Beauty Treatments at nominal rates.


To incorporate Ayurveda and Homeopathy for the purpose of routine lifestyle management and prevention of diseases. Pankaj Sharma They have a very good quality of medicines available which are made using natural ingredients. Please visit at Medikoe and we ensure to help you in the best possible manner.

He has an experience of around10 yrs in this field.

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Clients can avail our products at cost effective prices. A unique concept which sets you in a restful and relaxing ambience, while the ageless wonders of Ayurveda, are applied by highly qualified professionals. Certain Choornams also available in gram packets.

Rahul Singh Their weight gain medicine helped me in gaining mass naturally.

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IT also helps to relieve any muscle pain and speeds up detoxification of the body! A minimum of seven sessions for relief from long standing pain is recommended. Through our platform, you can get in touch with the best ayurvedic doctors in Bangalore, seek assistance and even learn about their Ayurveda healthcare services.

These methods have been tried and tested by a multitude of delighted patients, both nationally and internationally. Our aim is to reach the whole world with quality Ayurveda treatment and make it possible for all class of people to get quality health care with Natural Life science Ayurveda.

Our extensive network of medical resources comprises of veteran doctors belonging to different medicinal backgrounds — specialized physicians, health experts, yoga trainers, ancient siddha medicine practitioners and even naturopathists operating in and around your area, or demographic location.

Medikoe serves as a one-stop destination where you can easily connect with premium Ayurveda hospitals in Bangalore and enroll yourself for treatment s.

Our team will immediately link you with the best Ayurveda hospital in Bengaluru. If you are looking for the seamless integration of the traditional concepts of homoeopathy with the best and the latest research from the field of medicine, Star Homeopathy clinics strive to deliver high-quality homoeopathic treatment and accurate disease diagnosis through our team of highly experienced and trained team of doctors and medical professionals.

Their service was good and treatment charge for six months was Rs including medicines.

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I thank my Friend Sukumar, who has recommonded to this centre. It is known to pacify and revitalize the mind taking you to a deep peaceful meditative state.

Ayurvedic treatments follow a holistic healing process as it combines spiritual, physical and psychological therapies in an approach to health that has addressed itself to the fundamental principles of health and longetivity. Our goal is to popularise the numerous benefits of homoeopathy by demonstrating the efficacy of the practice to millions of people across the globe.

Patients have access to the best treatment in the healthcare industry. Available in , and gram contents. THAILAM Medicated Oil Generally medicated oils are prepared in the form of emulsions containing both lipid and water soluble portion of the ingredients present in the formation. Some of the exciting facilities you can enjoy here are: I am happy with the treatment provided by the hospital.

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We provide specialist consultation for all kinds of health problem and rejuvenation therapies for healthy people. It depicts the knowledge of life in its innate form, i.

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Bhasma preparation commences with medicinal purification. You can rely on us to get homoeopathic solutions for your problems like: Best Ayurveda in Bangalore Ayurveda is a field of science that finds its roots dating back to the ancient Indian times.

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The product administered with suitable other products like Honey, Milk, Warm water etc. With Medikoe, give yourself a new start and book an appointment with the finest and best ayurvedic doctors in Bangalore.

Aneesh Joseph K who is the chief physicians of Vedica Ayurvedic Wellness Centre to popularize Ayurveda as the natural healing science of life. Shirodhara is also effective in improving memory, reducing anxiety, relieving sinusitis and migraine.

Our dynamic platform also gives you the leverage of ordering medicines or seeking Ayurveda healthcare services at the comfort of your home.