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When it was pulled from the barn, the car already had a Porsche engine under its decklid, so it was saved and sent off to be punched out to 3. DP Motorsport also offers other modifications such as a wide-body kit and an interior re-modeling for an extra cost upon request.

The exterior modifications include an optional classic light grey finish, red stripes, new front and rear bumpers, hood, fenders and side sills, plus model-specific lights on both ends and exterior mirrors.

Magnus has big plans for this car, and many of them involving proper canyon thrashing, so the work didn't stop at the exterior panels. In celebration of its 40th birthday, the German tuner has crafted a kit that dials back time turning the into a Porsche Carrera RS clone.

That includes the heater, windows and mirrors, cabriolet roof, and the seats. Certain colours, including Guards Red, can be difficult to match if only a small area or a single panel has been resprayed.

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With the help of metal-shaper and Porsche specialist Rod Emory, Magnus was able to foscolo alla sera yahoo dating a complex set of curved louvers into the top of each fender. In the model range new modifications were introduced.

In an attempt to refine the lines of theMagnus removed the large fuel filler door, smoothing it over.

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Check the windscreen surround for bubbling, too, as well as the scuttle. Following the theme of smoothing out lines and accentuating the car's original profile, the bumpers and backdating 964 porsche 911 have been perfected and streamlined.

To wrangle in that power and keep it under control is a set of KW's new Porsche application coilovers and Brembo's Club Racing brake kit at all four corners. Porsche was the first car maker in the world that had both front airbags available for all its model lines.

Porsche 964 911

As the eye moves past the louvers on the driver's side fender, it finds a small finned cap in place of the large fuel flap that once resided backdating 964 porsche 911. Running down the sides of the car, the 2-piece rocker panels were molded to create a seamless panel to match the slate-like sides of the narrow-bodied Porsche.

Carrera 2 finally got decent brakes at the rear now same as C4, originating from Turbo. When it comes to s, there are 3 staple paths that many seem to follow. While photos help to put these details under a spotlight, this is one of those cars that is best witnessed in person.

While it took me a few moments to place a finger on it, the profile of the car had been drastically altered by a rather simple touch.

Porsche 911 964 (1988-1994)

Magnus had channeled and narrowed the hood, drawing the hood lines together to just 12 inches apart and he wanted the roof to carry this same 12 inch swathe over the top of the car. As your eyes trace over the car, you're left wondering what looks different.

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Bodywork Although the features a fully galvanised bodyshell, giving it a thorough inspection is still essential. If you are able to make the journey, you will be able to see Magnus's latest build on display in the Pirelli Tire booth at the Los Angeles Auto Show which opens to the public tomorrow.

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In addition for the Touring model the AC, seat heating, radio, headlamp wash and sunroof were optionally available. Magnus hasn't engaged in a fully committed build since his STR project.

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Without the rail lines running along the outer edge of the car, the roof takes on a rounded cap look that lightly reminded me of the Porsche 's roof lines. A custom cap follows the contours of the fender and feeds directly into a filler neck that has been lengthened from its original location.

Magnus has created an impressive follow-up to his past STR build, and it comes as no surprise to hear him say that this is the build that he is most proud of.

Porsche () Targa & Cabrio [Add-On / Replace] -

In place of the bright color combinations that have danced across his previous builds, Alchemy Paint has laid down a stunning coat of Porsche's iconic Slate Grey.

Inside a short wheel base mirror hangs down from the ceiling and the headliner has been removed and distressed leather takes its place to match the door cards and give the interior the feel of an early model cockpit.

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AutoClassics says… The was almost 90 percent new compared with its predecessor, but it retained much of the classic styling. Though, he wanted to shy away from backdating theMagnus wasn't afraid to still turn to the earlier models for a few key design elements.

Interior Check that everything electrical functions as it should, especially on cars that have been little used. Up front, the license plate recess has been removed and the center bar has been deleted from the lower grill, while RS brake ducts add a bit of body color to the indicator housings.

Some owners embrace the classic silhouette and point back to the early models with backdated bumpers and vintage styling cues.

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The eyes initially jump to the trademark fender louvers that Magnus first introduced on his in-progress Porsche 67s RT project. The classic color offers a subtle richness and sets the stage for the styling elements that have transformed each panel of the car, allowing them to shine on their own without any distractions.

911 964 Speedster

As his first foray into the modern chassis, Magnus wanted to refrain from straying too far from the original car's DNA. Magnus has dabbled in the early Porsche models, toying with short wheel base examples and the later SCs, but in an effort to move along the lineage, he began work on thethe last example of Porsche's classic silhouette.

With the Touring package you installed back most things that were eliminated from the Carrera 2 to make a Carrera RS. The brakes and 17" wheels were from the Turbo, but the Turbo-look cars didn't get the rear wing of the Turbo.

Rather than backdate it or attempt to form it into a wild widebody, Magnus chose to expand upon the sporty demeanor of the and accentuate the cars original lines with the narrow body and big bumpers.

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The fiberglass variant offered Magnus a one-piece construction without any undesirable exhaust cutouts. Turbo, Speedster, Cabriolet and Carrera 4 Turbo production ends. Launched in Carrera 4 Coupe form. The was the first to feature an electric rear spoiler, which rose automatically at speed or could be operated via a switch in the cabin.

The M Competition version was somehow street legal. As from USA required to have 3-point seatbelts also for the rear occupants and Porsche couldn't install 3-point belts in the back of its and cabriolets, the cars for USA were made without rear seats and there was a luggage compartment instead.

In many ways, Magnus Walker's Porsche project is a departure from what we've come to expect from him, but underneath its veil, you'll still find his touch in the details that play a monumental role in the presence of his latest work. Coupe and Targa production ends.

The Next Step – Magnus Walker’s Porsche 964 Build

The 17" Cup-style wheels were standard on widebody s, GTS and optionally available for s and narrowbody s. Being able to get a potential purchase up on a ramp will pay dividends in terms of properly inspecting the brakes. The standard black window trim was dipped and then the aluminum was polished to a luster that one would find on a short wheel base car.

The C2 Cabriolet was now available with Turbo's wide body. The airbags that were standard for the US-models, are now standard in European models aswell they were optional up to MY European s.

The Turbo and RS are particularly sought after for their epic performance and focused nature, but all s are engaging.