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Backdating car insurance legal team, breaking down 'backdating'

Most consumers need to backdate insurance coverage simply to show proof of insurance.

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However, here are a few examples of situations where backdating may be acceptable: It is always possible to have car insurance coverage that is backdated. Generally, most of the insurers hike the premium rates for the policyholders above 40 or 45 years because at this age an individual is more prone to diseases.

An important thing to note backdating car insurance legal team is that backdating works in the favor of policyholders in endowment and money-back plans but in case of term insurance plans, it is quite the opposite.

Or, a newly married couple may buy a joint life policy dating back to their wedding so that the policy matures on the day they celebrate their silver jubilee.

What is 'Backdating'

In contrast, if you backdate the policy tothen your first return will reach you in The thing to remember with this, though, is that every single car insurance carrier is different.

Backdated coverage is going to be harder to shop for than forward coverage policies, but it is certainly within the realm of possibility. If a taxpayer needs to exhaust his Section 80C limit through a life insurance policy this year, but wants to pay the premium on a monthly or quarterly basis from next year onwards, he will find backdating useful.

It allows you to have one claim in a year or two claims in a three year period. This is all going to come at a price, of course. Of course, it is another way to set a reminder that the premium is due.

A person who wants to buy a life insurance policy and make it effective beginning at a date prior to the current date. The whole idea of backdating car insurance is to buy a policy for a past period of time. You as a consumer need to keep your eyes and ears open, do comparisons across the different insurance carriers, and see where you are going to be able to get the coverage that you need, for the period of time you need it.

The idea is not typically to have it go into effect in the past. A No Known Loss letter is a formal letter from the insured to the insurance carrier, stating that there have been no losses over that backdated period of time. Backdating might not prove much useful for person aged 25 or 26 as the premium amount for these two akta van dating adalah ialah groups does not have much difference.

If the back date is more than one month away, the buyer is charged a 10 per cent annual interest on a pro-rata basis.

The unit-linked plans depend on the market hence it is not advised to backdate the fund unit price as one might land up having losses.

So, if you want to back-date a policy by three months, be ready to pay an interest of 2.


You may find that you are paying a much higher premium to have it backdated, but that is not to say that it is not possible. Zero sum game Insurance agents use back-dating to lure buyers. If allowed, up to six-month backdating would apply as long as the buyer pays for that time period. In such a case, the policyholder can pay the premiums for the current financial year at one go, whereas, for the coming year he can deposit the premiums on the due date, set by his insurer.

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Explaining the Concept of Backdating in Insurance

On April 30, a taxpayer, who has forgotten about the April 15 deadline to make a tax-deductible IRA contribution for the previous tax year, backdates a check to April 1 and mails the check to her financial advisor.

Car insurance quote Protect your No Claims Discount If you've had car insurance for one year or more and you haven't made a claim, you can get a "no claims discount". Backdating comes handy as one can anytime alter the official date to some important date during the year.

Back-dating is useful in certain situations. Backdating allows you this liberty. This is why back-dating works only in endowment and money-back plans. Back-dating a term plan is an exercise in futility because the coverage for the entire back-dated period effectively goes waste.

You can request your insurer to change the official start date to 4th June For example, if a person who is going to be 40 years old after two months, applies for a life insurance policy at present; the insurer will consider his age as 41 years as per the norms.

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There is also no charge if the backdating is for less than a month. Worse, many of them wake up in February-March to make their Section 80C investments. Most car insurance companies will backdate coverage and premiums when requested A No Known Loss letter may be required to backdate coverage The longest you can backdate coverage for is typically up to 60 days, at most The whole concept of taking a car insurance policy and backdating it is not new.

Eventually, he would not be required to pay a higher premium.

Backdated car insurance: Can it be done? | Ampminsure

In such a scenario, if an individual incidentally of accidently buys his policy in his off season then he can get the policy backdated to the period of his maximum earnings.

It's a lot more cover for only a little extra. Should you buy a back-dated insurance policy? You could also get back out of pocket expenses and any earnings lost because of the accident. And even if you forget, surely your family members can remind you of the same.

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Till this cut-off date, the LIC does not charge any interest even if the policy is back-dated by months. So, before going for backdating, one has to make sure that the total savings in premiums over the life of the policy is more than the extra premium paid for the backdated period.

This is a formal letter that will be composed of the insurance carrier and will be given to you, the insured.

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Incidentally, the interest on the back-dating kicks in only after 30 September. The insurer increases the premium rate depending upon the age of the policyholder.

The backdating scheme involved moving an effective date for the exercise of stock options from when the options were ' out of the money ' to a date that made the options ' in the money ' in order to allow certain executives to exercise their options profitably. Backdating also takes care that the maturity date coincides with this significant date.

In case of endowment plan, the survival benefits accumulate much earlier. The insurance company may or may not allow backdating depending on the state where the person lives. It means if you have to make a claim, you keep your discount at renewal.

Feb 24, There are also sentimental reasons for back-dating. The next premium becomes due in a month in April Knowing this as an insured is very important as you want to know what your limitations are and what is likely to be available to you, should you ever need to actually go down this path.

In such a situation, if he backdates his policy to 6 months earlier, then he would be considered getting that policy at an age of The idea of the letter is for you to sign it, releasing the insurance carrier of any liability of potential claims that may arise during this backdated period of time.

This back-date policy will reduce the premium liability for the insured during the policy tenure. But the difference becomes substantial for individuals purchasing policy at an age of 40 and above.

On July 4, a car owner, who did not pay his car insurance premium for July, crashes his car into a parked vehicle while texting. Backdating is different than how insurance typically works. You could make a lot of money by investing in the right stocks. In case of money-back plans, if you backdate the start date of the policy then you are sure to get your first tranche earlier.

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He can pay the premiums for this year at one go, and from next year, he can pay them whenever they are due. Who does not love to get return of investment at the earliest?