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This summary is restricted to coverage of private employers. W-4 and W-2 Forms Employees must provide employers with a signed Form W-4, a withholding exemption certificate. Liability conditions for this tax vary depending on the nature of your business.

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All employees are covered except for: Employers must deduct this insurance tax from employee wages and then send the information to the state. These links will provide information and applications necessary for filing W-2 and W-4 forms: Both employees and employers must contribute to the plan.

Commissioned salespersons must be paid at least once a month. The following items should be included in your records: Disability insurance, which supports insured workers when facing non-work related injuries, must be addressed.

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Most New York employers are required to provide disability insurance for employees. Employees should also receive copies of Form W-2 by the end of January of the following year.

This can be avoided by registering for a fictitious name.

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You just learned about: The law does not specify the exact amount of voting time leave that must be granted, but employees that have four consecutive nonwork hours while the polls are open are not entitled to voting time leave.

Employer Identification number Personal information on employees, including social security numbers Information on wage, annuity and pension payments Copies of tax withholding allowance certificates from employees The IRS website presents a more extensive list of items worthy of your record books.

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Coverage may be provided through the state insurance fund, private insurance or self-insurance. This form provides proof of eligibility to work within the country, so the employer must keep a completed form on file for each employee.

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New York Payroll for Employers Employers covered by New York's wage payment law must pay manual workers at least weekly and all other salaried workers at least twice a month. Undelivered copies should be kept on file by the employer.

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You can also download the necessary documents from the site. The cost of this process will vary between counties.

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If a form is submitted through electronic means, the due date extends to the end of March. Unemployment insurance tax aids unemployed workers who are willing and able to work. All employers paying wages subject to New York's income tax law must withhold from all payments of taxable wages paid to residents regardless of where their services are performed, and from payments of taxable wages paid to nonresidents for services performed within the state.