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We add a line that sets the application state to indicate that a file is being read, we attach a handler to track progress, and we add an exception handler to ensure that the application state is set back to idle if anything goes wrong.

We also now have a new event handler for the ProgressChanged event, which looks like this: This object is designed to simply run a function on a different thread and then call an event on your UI thread when it's complete.

When the user clicks the Cancel button, we dirty flirting text messages for her the BackgroundWorker object to initiate a cancel operation.

Getting that bar updated provides ample ways for deadlock.

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Set the WorkerReportsProgress property to true. It could well be removed in the Release version. Your code will hang in an endless loop.

.NET Basics – Do Work in Background Thread to Keep GUI Responsive | Sean's Stuff

I struggle with a problem one, for a multithreading I use in the application BackgroundWorker In DoWork a lot of code, I'll give an example where I catch the implementation: This is typically where you will update a progress bar.

While one operation is in progress, a user cannot initiate another one. The following example illustrates how to achieve this through a BackgroundWorker.

The BackgroundWorker class needs the message pump already running, and will not work if you call it too early in your application before Application. Finally, we see a piece of the cancellation infrastructure here.

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As we saw in Iteration 1. NET has made the BackgroundWorker object available to us to simplify threading. This thread can run in parallel to the GUI thread, so the user will still be able to interact with the GUI while the work is being done.

Using WaitingBar with a Background Worker | UI for WinForms Documentation

The Click event handler for our File Read button is also slightly different. NET Framework version 2.

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Is this really what we want? In fact, even if the text is in control, he will not read it correct if not so. BodyHtml supposedly can not be assigned a value.

How to use Progress bar in backgroundworker

We also add a finally block, where we ensure that we transition back to the Idle state, whether things completed normally, the user cancelled, or there was an error. This code is handled on click of the Cancel button.

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The BGW will deadlock when your main thread is blocking on the BGW and not pumping messages There's a corner case for circular dependencies between assemblies. ReportProgress pctComplete ; Thread. When I assign value to sheet obj, button should be enabled, but it is not untill I click on window or press key on keyboard.

The operation does not allow the form to update its UI and as a result the control does not perform any waiting animation.

Our GUI object will be notified by handling an event that the worker object fires. It means you cannot use a code such as this And the Read File button is available again. Finally, here is our RunWorkerCompleted event handler: This iteration is implemented in the files Form1. From what I have read, the BackgroundWorker happens to be its replacement.

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NET developer to develop a multithreading application without being burdened by the complexity that comes with threading. Similar situation with set focus on textbox after assign this object - on debug works. The code is optimized when it is compiled. You removed the bits that cause the deadlock.

BackgroundWorker's RunWorkerAsync () Method Does Not Raise the Do_Work Event

This example can be found in the threadsafepubsub. We are looking at a edited version of your code. Using WaitingBar with a Background Worker RadWaitingBar is a useful control for indicating that a long-running operation is undergoing.

Do we want to prohibit it?

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Result handoff—we read the FileReader. Result with result, if required. Sleep call in the ReadTheFile method. We also want to do as much work as possible on a different thread from the main thread handling the GUI.


We added a couple of things at the top of the class—an enumeration to keep track of our state, and a class-level BackgroundWorker instance.

Used to get the parameter reference received by RunWorkerAsync. The worker can set Cancel true and exit without prompting via CancellationPending — if it decides the job's too difficult and it can't go on.

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All code samples presented here can be found in CodePlex, at threadsafepubsub. Without a multithreading, everything is assigned fine, when I assign a value to a property: