Funny Pick Up Lines For Guys And Girls - How to Attract Women Funny Pick Up Lines For Guys And Girls - How to Attract Women

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Hey, why go for the best when you can go for the rest? Is it hot in here? Would you like to? You don't have to be afraid before you approach the girl because you're not taking any risk of being laughed at.

Top 10: Bad Pickup Lines

If you do, than you're in the right place! Are you by chance an archaeologist? Were you in Boy Scouts? Hey baby I want to take you to Hawaii.

The Best Worst Pick Up Lines

You are almost as beautiful as my sister. So, would you smile for me? Cause I'm attracted to your buns of steel!

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Really like your peaches, wanna shake your tree. Other pick up lines categories.

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You know, I have a romantic side…. Because I like to spoon! Would you like Gin and plantonic, or would you prefer Scotch and sofa? Motion your finger for girl to come over to you, when she gets there say, I just made you come with one finger, imagine what I could do with TWO!

If You Want To Get Shot Down Immediately, Here Are Ten Lines You Can Use

Pickup lines are great for sharing a laugh with friends and should be really only be used for that. If you happen to have used one or more of them, be kind to write the experience in the comment box.

Girl, you better have a license, cuz you are driving me crazy Oh no, I'm choking! Is there a magnet in your pants? Hey baby, wanna play carnival? Whatdya say we go upstairs and spread the word?! Have you ever seen a 2-incher? I must be lost.

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Take my advice; don't use those Would you like some? Stand still so I can pick you up! Do you know, your hair and my pillow are perfectly colour coordinated. Do you wash your panties with Windex? Tickle your ass with a feather?

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Roses are red, pickles are green, i like your legs, and what's in between In fact, the lecherous approach almost always fails. Pardon me, but are you a screamer or a moaner? Drink until I am really good looking, then come to talk to me.

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How much will a 20 get me? You have a beautiful head. Do you have any Italian in you? Cause my mom told me to call home when I met the girl of my dreams.

Do you have a mirror in your pocket?


You look like an angel that fell from heaven and hit its face on the pavement. My shirt would look great on your bedroom floor.

No, your to hot to be legal. Is your father a thief? Hey baby, got any cavities? I would love to hear how it went.

I know a great way to burn off the calories from that pastry you just ate.


These lines work because they're honest, kind of witty and straight to the point. Did you just get off a water slide? Hey I'm looking for treasure, Can I look around your chest?

Do you like bacon?

20 Tinder Pick-Up Lines That Are So Bad, They’re Begging For A Left Swipe

It would look marvelous next to the other ones in my freezer. Best Pick Up Lines Although most of us know that pickup lines are usually not so effective when we want to get the girls that we like, and they can really sometimes embarrass us, some of them can work wonders; especially when combined with REAL attraction skills.

Gee Girl, your eyes remind me of crescent wrenches, every time I look into them my nuts tighten! Sticks and stones may break my bones, I wanna jam my penis in you 5.