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However, despite sharing a beautiful relationship and a parental role now, the couple went through a bitter high and lows encountering a breakup before getting married.

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In love, when you realize you have found the perfect one, wanting to spend the rest of the life with them, eventually, you end up settling down. The couple, who together share a daughter Emani, appeared bambi rapper dating cozy and relaxed while they stopped to take a bite and did a little sightseeing.

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Sharing a similar kind of scenario is the rapper Lil Scrappy, who is married and has settled down after being in few dating affairs in the past. Congrats on winning your lady back and the transformation you have achieved as a man.

Hop out the Wraith looking venomous She give me brain, I'm intelligent I'm on my grind, it's my sign Watch me shining, I promise to God I am heavensent I have the pole, you need medical Kami, he aim with a telescope Feel like the [?

One of them said: Also, he faced some tragic experiences inwhich nearly took his life.

Near-Death Accident

So proud of you! Let's have a look at how Lil's dating life ended up beautifully in a married and well-settled life along with his tragic accident. Gizmo] You should know that bitch ain't kill me, bitch I don't fuck with you, I don't fuck with you [Verse 4: Scrapp is usually very stubborn and pridefulm so this was new to me.

Bambi sat down for a lengthy interview and explained why they reconciled. Bambi] Beat the pussy, Ronda Rousey From the back, she wind around me I'm about to smash up on your chick and you don't even know it Flying like I'm Peter Pan Your shawty said that I'm the man My niggas bussing on your block like the fucking Taliban Smoking gas, Afghanistan Trippy so I pop a tab Thotty got the Molly, couple points, and now I'm feeling rad She the best I ever had In the pussy, super splash Took a dabble in the ocean and I don't think I'm coming back Sippin' that drop drop, pull up in the drop top I'm whipping in her Benz, she giving me slop slop I bust down her throat and she swallow the whole lot I ain't talking crack but you know that we re-rock Niggas is bitches, talk shit 'cause they fell off You a bitch nigga, I'm talking bout Yunggoth Itsoktocry, lil nigga, know you soft You dip from your city when shit 'bout to pop off [Verse 3: However, if you went back a few months ago, it was hell between the pair.

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Lil then ran into the arms of his baby mama, Erica Dixon. She actually really likes me, sometimes TV just makes people do what they think other people would be entertained by.

Lil Scrappy Married And Settled With Wife! After All Those Dating Affairs

Gizmo] Stealing your chicken and molly Back in the whip, that shit the future Polly I don't keep parties but I still get fucked up Catching my death 'til I breathe and I come up Dealin' with problems, they talk but won't run up [?

I may be there a lot more, but I definitely have made Atlanta my home and have a lot of business there — so it would not be a full-on move. I do not think that is a part of my plan for now.

But, over the summer, the lip-biting star went on the Find The Bam mission where he wrote poems and searched high and low for his then-ex.

Is Bambi Johnson dating anyone? Does she have a boyfriend or husband?

It showed a different side of him. Many called it stepdaughter and stepmother goals.

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It is for sure that Lil and Bambi are living by the example of good parents. Likewise, Bambi also took part in a cute photoshoot on a golf course with her stepdaughter Emani Richardson. The rapper and his ladylove stole the spotlight at a recent awards show by wearing silver from head-to-toe. The couple fought violently on social media to the point that a judge was forced to intervene and sign off on a restraining order.

Who is Bambi dating? Bambi partner, spouse

Emani teared up upon receiving the special gift a cute makeup station in her bathroom. I was totally shocked.

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They just wanted to have something just from them. They had broken off their engagement and clashed on the reality series that airs on VH1.

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The couple starring on different VH1 reality shows has been a known pair for some time now, who got engaged in May It worked like a charm, and the hair expert took him back. The rapper, who previously was engaged to his girlfriends from the past, Diamond from and Erica Dixon from made the wedding news with Bambi official while mocking Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez.

Instagram Bambi Benson has agreed to take Lil Scrappy back after he was caught cheating with several strippers, and now she is defending her decision.

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