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Intelligent without being snotty. That as a lesbian, you don't just walk around rolf during pohler dating Samantha Ronson lookalikes munch your box.

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It read as honest, totally unflinching, and remarkably funny. And speaking of politics, that's my second point. As Ruby searches for Mr.

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That made my fear worse. You probably noticed that I have really small balls," he says? Irreverent, inappropriate, piss your pants, snort your wine out your nose yes, I did funny stuff!! I don't need Chris Hanson showing up with Perverted Justice while I'm trying to seduce Justin with chocolate chip cookies and sweet tea.

Intelligent without bein I'm not gonna lie - I read this book because an old friend is the author.

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Favorite Quotes "Fuck Justin Timberlake. As a matter of fact, I didn't notice your balls at all. Then I realized he had something else to say.

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I felt like a pedophile. You do realize that, right? As Ruby goes to audition after audition, dates Mr.

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I really enjoyed it and do highly recommend. There's no mistaking that Ruby thinks he is ridiculous, her friends think he's ridiculous. I kept telling Amanda how funny BatSG was, and she was interested, for sure.

Those books have funny moments, but nothing that really stands out. This is a book that is really hard to review because honestly, I think it's best to experience first-hand. Bathing and the Single Girl is the story of an actress, written by the actress.

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This book could get pretty crude sometimes, and by pretty, I mean a lot. Wrong, and her house is breaking down around her she still thinks the next big thing is around the corner. I can only imagine that the author drew on her own life experiences to write the story, but it doesn't really matter if she did or she didn't.

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Obviously, this is the level of funny Bathing and the Single Girl achieved. It's one level of wrong to have a crush on a teenager with a Jew fro but it is a whole new level of yuck when he could be your son. But for those who don't, that could be annoying. Nothing is safe from the characters' snark, be it age, sex, religion or politics.

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Regardless of my speculation, Bathing and the Single Girl was great. This book had me highlighting entire pages, texting the funny to my friend, reading the passages to my husband while crying tears of hysterics.

I happen to share a lot of the Ruby's ideas on politics and religion, so it didn't bother me. And it gives life to SO many experiences we, as women of ANY age, have had to deal with and emotionally digest. Right and the next role, she does a bit of soul searching.

There are a few ways I internally categorize humor. A lot of the fun was the wondering, imagining who could be the real-life counterparts to the story.

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Towards the end, Ruby begins dating someone with very different ideas of politics and religion. I hope this blows up the charts!! Somehow she manages to make things work…for a while. I definitely laughed out loud which got me strange looks and felt for Ruby as she went through all her trials and tribulations.

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It reads as part women's fiction and part memoir. I'm guessing that, at some point, some chick with pubic sideburns is going to expect a reach-around.

Are you ready for that?