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Batman, however, batman beyond inqueling online dating also prepared and activates an electrical field over his suit thereby forcing Inque off of him.

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He goes in to investigate and finds Inque. Max arrives and signals to Terry that she has the information and he heads out to see her. Tsikot hodin online dating his failure, Terry goes to Max and tells her that he needs her to research Winchell, and see who his competitors were.

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Winchell is unconcerned, thinking he's already hurt her too badly to survive. Inque, appalled, asks how her own daughter could betray her, to which Deanna replies that Inque never was a real mother to her.

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Inque asks Deanna to get more chemicals for a revitalizing mutagen shot. Elsewhere, a repo man starts to tow a car away but the car's owner, Deanna Clayruns out and insists that she can pay her balance.

Inque holds him helpless and is about to kill him, when suddenly her body starts to dissolve and evaporate. On the wall behind her, one of the shadows shifts into an angry eye, indicating that Inque is in fact still alive.

Dana catches up with Max and already knows that Terry can't go to his date.

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However, before he can kill her, Inque leaps out the window and escapes. Back at the Shimano building, Batman sneaks into Winchell's office.

Deanna appears and coolly explains that she tainted the mutagen with a solvent, which is causing Inque to break up. Using it you can search the videos also and can play them too before downloading.

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However, Dana isn't mad since she's figured out, "what's really going on". Now that Deanna has her mother's account numbers, she doesn't need her anymore. Inque arrives and points out that it's only a loss until he gets paid by his insurance company, which will gain him a profit.

Before long, Inque is gone.

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Inque readily agrees, and offers to transfer some creds into Deanna's account, but she's too weak to do it herself, so Deanna offers to do it for her, calling her "Mother" for the first time. Nevertheless, Inque manages to knock the rocket over and it launches over the ground eventually hitting a truck of petroleum.

As he waits, he asks how mad Dana is about him breaking their date.

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Winchell arrives, and Batman confronts him. She then goes on the offensive and conceals Batman in her body.

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After resurfacing from her last bout with BatmanInque continues her work sabotaging projects for big businesses. Unbeknownst to her, Inque is watching and sneaks into her apartment.

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Nearby, Batman flies out in patrol over Gotham and notices the trouble. Now laying down, Inque explains to Deanna why she abandoned her: Her sunbathing is interrupted by Batman, who points out that the police will eventually catch up to her--he also explains that the police have been unable to find Inque's residue.

Back at Deanna's apartment, Inque's condition grows steadily worse. She gives Winchell a card to route her cut of the profit to her account and he sits down to his computer. A short time later, Deanna sits on the new veranda beside the new swimming pool outside her new mansion, sipping a drink brought to her by her new butler.

Meanwhile, Winchell tells someone over the phone that the project has to be scrapped and it's a big loss.