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Tybor then replaced Roback with Joseph Garcia, who had toured with the band in coinciding with Hutka's second departure. The track featured on the band's sixth album. Five of the project's demos were re-recorded as The Bunny the Bear Tracks: I have lots more ideas and exciting plans for the website, so keep taking a look to see whats new!

The boys were not bothered at all about being involved A couple of days later it was announced that Joseph Garcia, the former singer of the progressive metal band I, Omega had been chosen as Hutka's replacement, although Garcia only remained in the band for a brief period, as Hutka rejoined the band in November This marks the longest gap of time between albums, making the first year since their debut without a release from the band.

The following month, the band's sixth album A Liar Wrote This was announced, set for release on July 24, Likewise, Ovaries has not been active since I soon realised bear and bunny boo newgrounds dating things don't ever become less manic when you have children Also inTybor created a solo project called "Ovaries," which featured a darker electronicore sound that would later be heard on The Bunny the Bear's fifth album, Food Chain.

Tybor recorded the bass guitar parts for the album. The album will feature vocals performed by Joseph Garcia. In Decemberthe band released a music video for a new demo song called "Aisle.

Paterson did not record any music with the band and only appeared in a few live performances. It has been stated by many of the groups touring musicians that Hutka's struggle with addiction was the primary source of turbulence throughout his time in the band.

On March 2,the band's new single Let Go was released alongside a music video. Two demo tracks have been released, titled "Gabels" and "Triggers.

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When Wild Dingos Attack did a limited release of a self-titled album in The album was released on May 22,from Victory Records, with pre-ordering available weeks earlier. Tybor has since kept out of headlines in regards to commenting in any substantial detail on Hutka's parting.

Coinciding with his departure in NovemberChris Hutka stated that he would be focusing on a solo project, and on December 10th, Hutka announced that he will be in the studio recording his new LP in February The project is still active, although no music has been released since their self-titled debut.

The duo, ditching efforts to maintain a full band lineup, recruited two dedicated studio musicians: The next replacement is not yet known.

Shortly after the announcement was made, the band hit the road on a headlining tour with support from Jose Garzon.

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Sally xx Information Returns and refunds We hope you'll be happy with your purchases, however, you have 14 days to return the product and receive a refund. Shortly after, Tybor replaced Hutka with a friend, Haley Roback, who began touring with the group. They released a music video for the song entitled "April 11" on June 8, Hutka returned to the band shortly after.

This does not include return postage. On March 18 the album Food Chain was released. We try and recycle boxes to use for posting, so although your order may arrive in a used box, it will be nicely packaged inside!

Shortly after the publication of The Stomach for It, Hutka left the band for unknown reasons and was temporarily replaced by Chris Paterson, the former vocalist of Jamie's Elsewhere.


In JulyTybor formed another project titled "Ramblings From the Rabbit Hole", which included himself as well as his long-time friend and poet Duke Donaldson. Bunny and Boo has been a little dream of mine for a while, but having 3 young children I decided to wait until things became less manic and I had more time on my hands.

The project featured a more lush and symphonic sound than The Bunny the Bear at the time; this sound would eventually influence Tybor's future recordings with The Bunny the Bear.

About Us Thank you so much for having a look at our website! The project implied focus on complex lyricism. Shortly after Tybor released "Where It Began", which is a compilation of unreleased demos from On January 23,Roback stated on Facebook that she would not be returning to The Bunny the Bear; touring or otherwise.

Coinciding with this, their seventh studio album entitled The Way We Rust was formally announced, scheduled for release on March Tybor has since stated the same. And Boo is our daughters nick name, they are best friends. InTybor and White formed a new project called "When Wild Dingos Attack," featuring an aggressive metalcore and grindcore -influenced sound.

A Liar Wrote This Symphony has not been active sinceshortly after its formation. The album's first single "Lover's Touch" was released on June 16, If you live outside the UK and would like to place an order, please contact us and we will happily look into postage costs.

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Tybor also released two "Rarities" albums throughout late featuring more unreleased TBTB demos as well as songs from his various side projects. The album is the first full-length release by the band without Chris Hutka acting as The Bear.

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On December 20,Roback had announced that she had become pregnant and wouldn't be performing with the band on their upcoming tour.