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In the sermon Ali gives the second Caliph permission to appoint an experienced officer but not to head the invasion himself. In it Ali advises him how to lead a successful life.

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Belajar ilmu balaghah online dating Muhammad told me to curse them. Fear Allah in the matter of His creatures and His cities because you will be questioned even about lands and beasts. Letter 16, This letter has the words in which Ali used to advise his followers during a battle.

Instructions to Hani were sent through this Letter. In it Ali says hook up punch capacitor bank he had to suffer injustice and tyranny in order to prevent bloodshed and oppression of Muslims.

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Sermon 19, is in context of the conquest of Armeniawhere the Khums income had been transferred from the state to Marwan I Marwan ibn Hakama process that Ali would later reverse. At the time of Ziyad's birth he was branded as illegitimate as no one claimed to be his father.

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And I prayed to Allah to give me better companions than they and to them a tyrant ruler in my place. Letter 37, A short letter to Muawiyah I.

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Ali wrote this letter regarding this matter. Sermon 29, Ali advises people to follow Allah's commands, as that is the only way one can enjoy the hereafter; And, if you are not rewarded in this life, I guarantee for your reward in the hereafter.

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Paman- Paman Nabi Muhammad Saw. There is no chain of narration.

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Until Allah judges between us, and He is the best judge. Until then the sermons had been transmitted orally, between the generations and the wording was therefore open to change and misinterpretation.

After this incident Hiyat sent a letter to Ali asking for permission to take revenge on the Syrian province of Kirkisiya. Sermon 99, is a sermon in praise of Allah and Muhammad. But I have no connection whatsoever with that affair.

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Sermon 49, was delivered when Ali found out that Masqala ibn Hubayra Shaybani, had run away to Muawiyah I with some money of state treasury.

SermonAn advice to the people of Kufa who had gathered around Ali. The following is an incomplete list of summaries on each sermon in the collection.

In it Ali gives Aswad a great piece of advice, "Keep yourself away from what you consider bad and evil in others".

Sermonmentions some attributes to Allah. Ali released Marwan, but on the issue of the oath of allegiance, the delivered sermon SermonReminds people that the Ahl al-Bayt are the true guardians of Islam.

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Authenticity[ edit ] Folio from an old Nahj al-Balagha I love the opinion of an old man more than the determination of a young man; or according to another version more than the martyrdom of a young man.

Quazi of Baghdad Shaikh Quewaam-ud-din. Muhammad felt sad about this, when Ali found out about the sadness of Muhammad, he wrote letter 34 to him. Sermon 73, Ali narrated this dream on the eve of his martyrdom. Sermon 24 was a reply to Ash'ath; "You a wicked son of a depraved father, a hypocrite, son of an infidel, do you know which part of my speech is harmful and which part is beneficial to me?

Later on Muawiyah I, in order to get support from Ziyad, claimed that Ziyad was his half-brother, thus Abu Sufyan's illegal son. In it Ali tells people what to accept under his caliphate, "Remember that if I accept your caliphate I shall make you follow the religion according to my own conscience and sense of judgement…" Sermon 96, Ali delivered this sermon after the Battle of Nahrawan, in which the Kharijites were heavily defeated.

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The following is a short summary to each letter, relevant quotes have been used out of the original letters. Letter 15, This letter has the words in which Ali used to invoke Allah whenever he faced an enemy.

SermonThis sermon was delivered when Ali found out that the Kharijites were massacring Muslims simply because they had different views. Atau, maukah kalian pinjamkan berani sebentar saja?


Sad-ud-din Taftazani A. Sermon 2 some consider this part of the previous sermon. Some delay occurred in Jarir's return which made Ali worried about his safety.

Sermon 7, is the famous speech of Shaqshaqiyyah Sermon of the roar of a camelin this sermon Ali again mentions about the caliphate being snatched from him.