Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub to star in the Hong Sisters' Latest - MyDramaList Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub to star in the Hong Sisters' Latest - MyDramaList

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Lee Sung-woo as Gong-shil's date ep 1 [22] He tries to kiss her, but Gong-shil pushes him away after seeing a ghost over his shoulder. We heard you had a meal gathering together? Lee Seung-hyung as Hye-sung's manager ep 1 He blackmails Hye-sung using Mi-kyung's name, knowing full well that she's already deceased.

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What do you do during leisure time? Jo Hwi-joon as Chang-min ep 7 A young boy who's a victim of child abuse. Joong-won cuts off the flower, and gets his contract. Gong-shil urges her to return to life, and Gil-ja wakes up and sees her family tearful with gratitude at her recovery.

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But before he could confess, he fell ill and died young. Jeon Yang-ja as President Wang ep 5 Ji-woo's grandmother, and company president.

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This stunning news is creating buzz among fans of The Master's Sun. Your pick for the Best Xmlreader not validating feelings His ghost eventually reveals that he hadn't been unfaithful to his wife, but instead was secretly a cross-dresser.

But when Mi-kyung learned that she was terminally ill, she broke up with Hye-sung without telling him the reason. Instead, the son gambles away the money.

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He is engaged to Yi-ryung, and they're about to be married in a lavish wedding sponsored by Kingdom Group. We are working hard on TMS, an episode will air later on. In the process of rescuing him, Gong-shil and Joong-won get arrested for trespassing and kidnapping, but are later released.

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She borrows Gong-shil's body to drive some sense into her husband one last time. A wealthy woman whose mother owns buildings in the affluent Gangnam District.

His doll is haunted by three children who'd died from similar parental neglect and violence. An insider says since they are both experienced celebrities, they are taking great care to treat their relationship with affection and sincerity while protecting their privacy.

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Because we have new stories adding up each episode. Too embarrassed to tell her that he likes her, he constantly teased and bickered with Sun-young.

I pleaded with Oppa to take off his coat, so that I could touch this part of his hand. Oppa is too handsome, and he often says interesting stuff.

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Please do this for us. She is a woman who can see ghosts after suffering an accident, and he becomes the man who believes her and they fall in love.

So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin ♥ Cute Moments & Pictures

The restaurant owner even extended her business time for us. Gong and Lee recently attended a friend's wedding in Seoul. The trauma of a kidnapping incident when he was younger has rendered him extremely mercenary and distrustful, as well as dyslexic.

We all thought Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub were on their way to become a real-life couple due to their extreme chemistry both on and off screen.

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Eyewitnesses said that the couple behaved like a pair of lovebirds deeply in love with each other. That was the climax. Apparently love was in the air when they met at the Korean film festival night held in New York last November.

She begins working for him as his secretary in name only and because of Joong-won, she slowly opens herself up to the world. But in actual fact it kinda resembles how our moms wipe our home floors.

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I remain curious and curiouser about this project. Thinking that Gong-shil witnessed the crime, the mechanic attempts to kill her, but Joong-won protects her and nearly dies instead.

Hope you all have a great time with my video! So using the cellphone that Eun-seol had left behind, Ji-eun sent the three a photo of themselves in front of the mall's fountain with a photoshopped Eun-seol. Your shelter is here, come and hide.