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Antokha MC is a rare exception to this rule. Of course, you and all your girls form a circle and start dancing and hyping each other up. It's always nice to hear from Santigold and Lil Yachty is a treat, as always. The chorus on "Strangers" is lush and radiant, aka the ingredients for the perfect summer jam.

Drake - 'Emotionless' Drake surprised fans by revealing that he has a son on one of the standouts from his album 'Scorpion'. Which is to say, the best songs of are an impressive bunch.

At The Disco I want to hear this at every party this summer.

The Best Songs of (So Far)

Check out the biggest Hip-Hop songs to drop in so far. Lil Peep, I gotta slow down on them Xans. With chart-topping releases from some of the most prominent names in the genre, artists including Drake, Eminem, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar and more are all making big moves this year.

Check out our list of our favorite tracks of the year and stream them all in our playlist below. On this standout track that opens the album, she narrates her rags to riches story by outlining how she managed to achieve success despite having all the odds against her.

Did you ever suspect that he would have no less than three jams ready for your poolside escapades? One for the ages? It's a feel good, sing along bop.

Pusha T - 'The Story Of Adidon' Push fired back at Drizzy's vicious barbs with yet another diss track, which claims Drizzy has a secret child before taking shots at his producer, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Here are the best summer songs so far.

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While it might be in the running for the most overplayed song in Russia this year, the acclaim is actually deserved. In between all the uplifting choir chanting, Glover provides an unfiltered commentary on the real black experience in America with support from an aggressive arrangement of beats.

Inshop branding in bangalore dating has been working with a bunch of artists lately including Cardi B, Charlie Puth and KYLE, but the organic chemistry between her and Hayley on this single is incomparable.

Drake - 'God's Plan' While fans eagerly anticipate a rumoured album from the Canadian rapper, Drake is keeping them satisfied with this bouncy produced bop.

Courtney Marie Andrews: May Your Kindness Remain

It's fair to say every player brings the fire. More exciting stories and videos on Russia Beyond's Facebook page Read more. Nicki Minaj - 'Chun Li' Miss Minaj generated a whole load of buzz after dropping two surprise singles ahead of her forthcoming album, with the fiery 'Chun-Li' taking the lead.

The song addresses the feeling of love dissolving the soul — a sentiment perfectly matched by the mystical, nostalgic video that draws heavily from hippy culture.

Anderson .Paak – “Bubblin”

After exactly 3 mojitos, Drake's "Nice For What" comes on. Khaled enlisted the help of Hip-Hop power couple Bey - under her new alter ego, 'B' - and Jay alongside Future to take on the energetic track. If there was a way to have this chorus liquified and injected into my body intravenously, I wouldn't even hesitate.

The full product is much like the deliriously zany music video; a cinematic cast of characters from a bizarro universe putting on an irresistibly funky show.

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We'll deal with summer bops first, but "Tongue" is so clearly an earworm of epic proportions. Jay Rock is low key a beast, and the world has been sleeping on his raw talent for too long.

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But nevermind her excellent choice of collaborators, this one goes incredibly hard. The "picture it, Beyonce. Lemonade," line is truly great.

Punk rockers Poshlaya Molly have done just that, and then, just for good measure and to keep it up to date, they end the song with a trap beat that comes from absolutely nowhere. In the back of your mind, you vaguely recall all the men you've ever been nice to.

Kacey is coming for your summer sesh playlist, watch out. After all, this is only the beginning. Flies all in my glass of wine Who will there be after I?

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Paak and The Internet, while a couple notable highlights from Lykke Li and John Mayer have served as major genre-switches. Tyler, The Creator is here too, offering a verse that, what it lacks in technical skill, more than makes up for in charisma.

Seriously, this is what happens when two brilliant minds join forces for the greater good and execute a bold vision that breaks barriers. Drake - 'Diplomatic Immunity' Drizzy is getting into it on his latest autobiographical effort, which sees him reference Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, her boo A.

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Here Antokha flows over a poppy beat that lends frivolity to his childhood reminiscences while adding some playful irony to his quirky wordplay. Her music 2 die 2 EP caught us deep in the undertow of our feelings, and we thrived down there.

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Keep up with the songs you need in your life in our Best Tracks of the Week series. Some of these tracks contain strong language that some people may find offensive. Tinashe is such an artist. Rod and long-time rival Joe Budden. The song and its feel-good music video, which features Antokha voyaging through Georgia in an RV, is an ode to youth, nostalgia, and just in time for the World Cup football.

At The Disco, this year's warm weather offering is strong. Put this on and pretend you and your friends are in the end credits of Black Panther.

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All ten tracks on the LP made it to the Russian top within a week. Awash in a golden fantasia of synths, the trio reveal the aching melancholy that accompanies the dizzying heights of success.

We will not rest until this law is on the books. If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material. Moscow-based nu-metal band Slot has been around since — long enough that they even released their own greatest hits album last year.

Kehlani All hail the queer queens that we truly deserve! This Bronx rapper can drop bars for days, but every line hits hard because it comes straight from her heart.

Hottest Nigerian Songs Of 2018 So Far

His collaboration with Kanye West is a standout from the seven-track LP. Coincidentally, T-Minus had his hand in producing both tracks. Taking a break from their usual collaborator, Suzanna, producer-rapper duo Malbec have teamed up with up-and-coming hipster style icon-cum-singer-songwriter Liza Gromova for this synth-filled ballad.

Summer is fastly approaching and it's time to get those playlists in order.