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Oct — Jan Crush Gear Turbo follow Kouya Marino, a 5th grade who is an avid fan of gear fighting, an imaginary sport in which players compete with custom built cars called "gears" to battle one another. Kouya has dreams of becoming a World Champion gear fighter, however, he has a lot to learn and big shoes to fill, as his late brother, Yuuya, was a legendary gear fighter.

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Both Ash and Tyson from Beyblade gain valuable experiences from their losses and friends from fellow competitors as they strive for their goal of being the best.

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Vanguard, than Beyblade, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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Inspired by the success of the Mobile Suit Gundam series, Japan saw the rise of Gundam model kits, a. They are on-topic and relevant Anime related.

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As a result, he is never able to take his skills past the first round of tournaments. Chat with Local People Near you! Profile Pictures - Comments made by users with NSFW profile pictures may be removed, depending on the contents of the picture.

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In Gundam Build Fighters, the gunpla makers are able to participate in Gunpla battles with their gunpla. Aichi's team like in Beyblade is made of previous fighters he's battled and friends.

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In Beyblade, these spirits are represented by the beyblades' bit-beasts; in Yu-Gi-Oh! With a wide array of singles to choose from, black singles on this site enjoy an online dating atmosphere conducive for meeting, dating and building strong lasting relationships.

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Duel Monsters is a card game played out on a holographic field, allowing the creatures on the cards to come to life. Due to its source material, Gundam Build Fighters' fights are a bit more exciting and action packed than Beyblade, but the overall theme of the show is the same.

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In both Beyblade and Crush Gear Turbo, there's a large focus on teams; the drama revolving the Bladebreakers deals with many of its members and their former teams, while the Tobita Club is the team that loses its members.

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They do not contain questionable content ex: They often find themselves running head-first into situations without much of a plan, only lead by their desire to do what's right and help others. Comment Anime Episode Rules Click to load comments Flagging - If you see anyone violating the rules, please use the report button "mark as inappropriate".

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