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De Blois de la Calande inscription on title of the first work: Therefore, you will not have to scroll all the chapters, select interesting. In April he went to Frankfurtwhere he settled with his family.

Sanctae Inquisitionis hispanicae artes aliquot detectae, ac palam traductae "Some arts of Holy Inquisition". Reina was granted citizenship by Frankfurt on 16 August Version history La Biblia. The Bible entertains you, teaches you and transforms you. InReina declared that Geneva had become "a new Rome" and left.

It is speculated that Reina's Bible, published in Switzerland inwhich became the basis of the Reina-Valera Bible, was a composite work of the expatriate Isidorean community, done by several different hands, with Reina the first among them.

Casiodoro de Reina

As with many copies, the present is found without the supplemental section "Annotationes" at end. It is divided into two major parts: Place the cursor instead of the chapter number and enter the chapter number. This Bible is poured directly from the original texts in Hebrew and Greek.

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The works of Reina and his colleagues were placed in the Index of prohibited books and he was declared a "heresiarch" leader of heretics. In the translation of Reina used the latest advances in the biblical sciences. This work has the figure of a bear on the cover that stands next to a art dating royal copenhagen porcelain christmas. Reina travelled in [3] to Londonwhere he served as a pastor to Spanish Protestant refugees.

If any of materials on this site violates your rights, report us Screenshots of La Biblia. It's easy and warranty. Sagradas Escrituras Description of La Biblia. It was translated and published for the first time in by Casiodoro de Reina, after twelve years of intense work and later put under review by Cipriano de Valera.


Around then, he had contact with Lutheranism and he became an adherent of the Protestant Reformation. For example, he used the division of the New Testament into verses, which had been introduced in print only a few years beforeand he regretted that a new Peshita publication had come too late for him to take it into account.

It is currently known as the Reina-Valera Bible. He fled with about a dozen other monks when they came under suspicion by the Spanish Inquisition for Protestant tendencies.

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He worked as a silk trader to make money for his family. Sagradas Escrituras New in Sagradas Escrituras 1. La Biblia, que es, los sacros libros del vieio y nuevo testamento. Title with bear vignette of Samuel Biener and typographical ornament at head, two woodcut illustrations in the preface, numerous woodcut initials.

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He first turned to John Calvin 's Geneva but did not find the atmosphere of doctrinaire rigidity of the Calvinist Church to be welcoming. Jackson "Edward Gwynn," Records of a Bibliographer,pp.

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We provide only original apk files. De Reina began his translation soon after leaving Spain. Download the Reina Valera version for free on your phone and get to know this fascinating book full of faith and hope.

The Bible is the source of divine inspiration and represents for Christians the most important book of all time. Printing was begun at Basel at the end of and was completed in September Cassiodoro de Reina escaped from Spain ca and after the accession of Queen Elizabeth came to England and settled in London.

Roman type, Hebrew type on title. This work has been subjected to many revisions such as Mr. The Whole Book of Psalmes. Title border shaved, small hole on D1 catching a few letters, closely trimmed with some text cropped.

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Edward Gwynn is best known today as the original owner of a volume of nine Shakespeare Pavier Quartos of in a contemporary binding, now in the Folger library.

He based his translation of the New Testament on the Greek, after his expected source being printed in Paris in was suppressed. Download the King James Bible right now on your Android and follow the Word of God, the instruction manual that He has given us to live better.

Woodcut head- and tail-pieces, woodcut initials, musical notation in text. Ease of studying the Bible with our application is achieved in the presence of the following: His version of the Old Testament is based on the Hebrew, following mostly the Latin translation of Sanctes Pagninus and the Ferrara version.

The latter devoted more than 20 years of his life to review the Bible and published the revision in Make the Bible your ideal partner, read it at any time and feel its power, its promises and its miracles.

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We provide only original apk files. It's easy and warranty.

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This work was printed in in Heidelberg under the pseudonym: Each item on the menu is a separate book, and each page separately in one of the books is the head. Imagine having the Holy Bible on your phone every day, reading your verses, psalms, sharing your favorite messages and preaching the Word of God.

Spanish brown morocco, the covers gilt-panelled with borders built up from scrolling flower, saw-tooth, and four small floral tools, enclosing a central circular pattern composed of small floral and leaf tools, with later gilt-stamped name of EDWARD GWYNN on front cover and E G on rear cover, wide flat spine with bands built up from the same tools, brass corner- and center-pieces, etched brass catches and clasps, two brass staples on covers small old repair to lower front joint, some light shelfwear.

Printed for the Companie of Stationers, The last in by United Bible Societies. Roman and Gothic types. Our team is not in place, and aims to improve the functionality of your applications. He secretly translated the work of the critic of Calvin, Sebastian CastellionDe haereticis, an sint persequendi "Concerning heretics, whether they should be Persecuted"that condemned executions "for reasons of conscience" and documented the original Christian rejection of the practice.

Translated by Cassiodoro de Reina ca Step by step, he became a true member of the Lutherans.