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West's recent edition of the Iliad uses a digital font that seems closer to this type than to the main Teubner tradition.

Eventually, editiones minores were dropped from the series and Teubner began to offer only scholarly reference editions of ancient authors. Habrich, Leipzig, Teubner utangan online dating an upright type, designed to match the original cursive type, in some editions.

Poetae epici graeci, Pars II, Fasc.

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Upright variant[ edit ] Example of the upright variant of the original Teubner Greek type: Digital descendants[ edit ] Examples of more recent variants of the original Teubner Greek type, both italic top: In other editions for example, Aristotelis Athenaion politeia, ed.

In the s, individual editions of Euripides' tragedies were digitally typeset in a font apparently based on the original Teubner cursive.

Teubner its imprintin Latin, in aedibus B. The medieval literature in the database comprises Latin literature after and includes a large number of texts up to To satisfy the need for accurate and affordable editions Teubner introduced the Bibliotheca Teubneriana.

Independent research is undertaken to verify facts relating to the text, such as the veracity of the authorial attribution or the dating.

Bibliotheca Teubneriana Latina

Students and other individuals of modest means had to rely on editions which were affordable but also filled with errors. Teubner Verlag announced their intention to concentrate on scientific and technical publishing.

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Literature from the Middle Ages BTL-2 includes the complete corpus of texts of the 'Grammatici Latini', 'Servius Grammaticus', a small selection of other texts together with all texts offered in BTL Saur and their entire publishing range, including the Bibliotheca Teubneriana.

Von der Muehll, Stuttgart,with a more recent digital descendant bottom: Maehler, Leipzig, forms This type was in regular use at least from the s to the s, for verse and prose texts. The texts which are incorporated are selected by virtue of their having been edited according to best contemporary scholarly practice.

This part of the database already contains over 2 million words and will continue to develop. West, Stuttgart, ; bottom: Prior to the introduction of the Teubner series, accurate editions of antique authors could only be purchased by libraries and rich private scholars because of their expense.

A page with a short guide of use: This part of the database includes the complete works of many medieval authors such as Anselm of Canterbury, Beatus of Liebana, Bernard of Clairvaux, William of St. In addition, errors in word-forms from the printed version are corrected.

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Although new volumes began to appear with the imprint in aedibus K. It offers the user the complete texts, other than the prefaces or critical apparatus, from the standard editions editions maiores of about works spread over eleven centuries c.

Blass, Leipzig, and newer Pindari carmina cum fragmentis, post B. A slightly less radical version of this font notably without lunate sigma was used in some later Teubner editions and in non-Teubner publications such as Rahlfs' Septuaginta ofand M. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and subsequently consolidated its headquarters at Wiesbaden.

The old-fashioned, cursive font used with small variations in most of the existing volumes is instantly recognized by classicists and strongly associated with Teubner.

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The first chronological part of the database comprises the entire corpus of Latin literature from Classical Antiquity up to the second century A. It was developed in collaboration with Cetedoc.

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In total, the present version of the LLT-A contains over 63 million Latin words, drawn from more than 3, works that are attributed to approximately authors. Updates are foreseen for this database in the coming years, making of the Bibliotheca Teubneriana Latina the central reference database for Latin literature from the Roman Republic to the Imperial Period and Late Antiquity, comprising more than texts.

There have also been recent innovations in upright type. Pinder's "Griechische Antiqua" used by Teubner in some of their editions represents a lost opportunity, having been regrettably abandoned in favour of the "dull and lumpish" fount Victor Scholderer's words that is still the uniform of the series.

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In lateB. In the 19th century, Teubner offered both affordable editiones maiores with a full critical apparatus for scholars, and low-priced editiones minores without critical apparatuses or with abbreviated textual appendices for students.

Basta Donzelli, Stuttgart and upright center: The first release of the Bibliotheca Teubneriana Latina, BTL-1, comprises classical Latin literature in almost its entirety for the period up to the second century, together with the important non-Christian authors from the second century through to the Carolingian Renaissance.

Inthe publishing firm of Walter de Gruyter acquired K. Teubner was also reunited B.

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The texts from patristic and medieval sections come essentially from the Corpus Christianorum series.

The volumes of the Bibliotheca Teubneriana began to appear in Iamblichi Babyloniacorum reliquiae, ed. Wilke, Leipzig, ; center: Literature from Patristic Authors: Furthermore, it will include texts drawn from the many out-of-print editions in this series, which, despite being produced in the nineteenth or early twentieth centuries remain standard editions and not replaced by new editions.

Greek type in Teubner editions[ edit ] While the typography of the Greek Teubners has been subject to innovations over the years, an overview of the whole series shows a great deal of consistency. Chambers, Leipzig,this upright font is used throughout.