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He was the twelfth Housemate to enter, going into the house on Day 2.

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Never one to subscribe to societal standards of acceptable grooming habits, in he was rocking some serious fucken handbars: We can bounce checks. Jeff wins the Coup d'etat by public vote, and he's called to the Diary Room to collect his prize. Janelle and Michael Big Brother Season 6 Leave a Reply Notify of new replies to this comment - on Notify of new replies to this comment - off Notify of new replies to this comment - on Notify of new replies to this comment - off This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

He was nominated again on Day 64 with five other housemates. Daniele and Dominic Big Brother 13 Flirtmance A flirtmance during the show that turned into the romance after. It's clear the houseguests were having fun, too. Michelle freaking out about hitting Paul with apples and bruising him after getting mad that he tampered with her beverage.

Danielle's epic Jaw Drop when Dan, widely recognized as one of the all-time most cunning houseguests, blindsides Shane mere moments after a deal was struck to eliminate Ian.

All she manages to campaign to the house is that she's completely lost it. How would these adults survive in this post-millennium hot house? Zach entering the jury house and being greeted offret 1986 online dating a birthday gift A post shared by Chrissie Swan chrissieswan on Jan 13, at When Willie called a house meeting with no coaches, everyone started asking "Where's Boogie?

The fact the houseguests keep possession of the tutus and are occasionally seen wearing them for fun.

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So you wanna call people disgusting and a coward, so are we the bullies, or are you the fuckin' bully, you grown baby, you little man syndrome? Understand that this is pretty hot on the heels of Danielle getting over some ignorance of lesbians, and in a challenge where one person is to help other teammates wring out a padded suit wring out lemonade that they are soaking u.

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Charne goes by the nicknames "Char" and "VaVa", and was once the winner of Ms. The dude tunes it all out like the ex-Marine he is.

After Christmas takes the Ring of Replacement, she must curse three people in the house. Yes, he had pants on.

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Amanda saying she was afraid that Clowny, Aaryn's stuffed clown, would come to life and kill people. Boogie sitting in the diary room saying that he drafted the brains and the brawn. The most recent evictee decides on which housemate they would like to have the power, without knowing what that power is.

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She turns into 'Shaniqua' when she gets angry. Why is she famous? We see Kevin, Mark, and Paul all in the Diary room talking strategy in the first minute of the game and you get the feeling they're gonna do awes- what?

This room was similar to the Punishment Room of the sixth and seventh series.

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None of us knew what would transpire. Steve is playing with the vases in one of the rooms, and the announcer comes on and says, "Steve, stop that. With soft frosted blonde spikes, a broad white smile and a penchant for wearing vests, Dening was the quintessential Hot Guy every season requires.

Michael[ edit ] Michael Beveridge is a year-old advertising copywriter from Brisbane but has the rest of his family in Wollongong, New South Wales. This season, the female houseguests are big fans of fancy shoes like high heels and wedges.

List of Big Brother (Australian TV series) season 9 housemates

Then after the veto During Big Brother 13 Danielle said that dating Nick was a nightmare she called him a control freak. Joe's bizarre Tall Tales. She survived with Even he can't help but laugh at how bad he is at the contest. This was funny due to the editing. Ramses is told to throw the second POV competition so Paul can win and begrudgingly gives in after a lot of deliberation.

Poor Mark was trying to lighten the mood before eviction and quell the drama.

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In the second Head of Household competition, Jason talks about the discrepancy between Whitney and Justin as they use a prop sword to hold a fake crown onto a board.

The Kitchen was now separated from the main house, which was designed to resemble a s Australian home on the exterior while a typical s Kitchen inside. Amanda has a lot of fun with it!

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She was the fourth person to enter the house. Devin broke the door on the way to the veto competition. Housemates would nominate, be nominated as a pair, however they would not be evicted as a pair.

They divorced in Becky's super casual reveal that she got hit by a train.