Big Brother the Aftermath. Big Brother the Aftermath.

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Getting cozy with an HOH is a smart move because your game is in their hands.

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The HouseGuest who answered the seventh call would earn the right to stop three HouseGuests from voting in the next eviction.

The first HouseGuest to catch ten tomatoes or the last one remaining on the perch, whichever occurred first, became the first Head of Household. Vanessa finished in the fastest time and won the Power of Veto, foiling Austin's plan of backdooring her. Any HouseGuest could retrieve all three of their balls, but the game would end when a Head of Household ball was retrieved.

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After Audrey told Shelli that it was a lie, Shelli considered nominating her if the Power of Veto was used. After Shelli fell off, John became a HouseGuest again; Vanessa attempted to make a deal with him, but he declined.

Steve says that, darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo dating, does Big Bro repeat twists — except for, as is the case with season 16 and now 17, the Battle of the Block competitions.

Becky proposed backdooring Audrey; while Shelli initially agreed, she later conspired with Clay and Jeff to target Da'Vonne after their altercation the previous week. Audrey later reprimanded Clay for being condescending, which prompted Clay to convince Shelli to nominate Audrey instead.

In the fifth round, Vanessa beat Jason and John to win the competition.

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In the season opener last Wednesday, we met our first BB group to enter the house. Individually, HouseGuests entered the House to hide a locked Veto box with their name inside.

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Of course they said yes, final 4, etc, etc, but I could tell just from watching it that it was a very hollow talk. The first HouseGuest to retrieve each ball would receive the corresponding prize.

The first competitor to press their buzzer after retrieving the missing item from an adjacent room would win the round, and the other competitor would be eliminated from the competition. Vanessa, knowing full well that she was responsible for sending two of James's closest allies home in Jeff and Jason in Week 3 and Week 5, respectively, offered James and one other person of his choice safety until the final seven, provided he didn't nominate her.

The first HouseGuest in each round that assembled their puzzle became the new Heads of Household.

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As the 14 HouseGuests met each other, Vanessa withheld her profession as a poker player, while Jace noticed that there were two empty seats at the dinner table. Vanessa, knowing the Sixth Sense was crumbling, affirmed with Austin, Shelli, and the twins that they needed to stay together.

Then, just before the conversation ends, James makes a weird statement about cutting the head off the snake, and the girls ask who the head is, and he randomly chimes in Vanessa. The pairs, conjoined by a single shirt and a three-legged pair of pants, operated nine cameras and repositioned them to follow a shot list; the cameras corresponded to a specific shot but were unlabeled.

Find out whether Shelli Poole or Clay Honeycutt was evicted from the Big Brother USA house

Liz began developing romantic feelings for Austin, much to Julia's disapproval. The first HouseGuest to hit the correct button moved on and eliminated their opponent. James and his alliance targeted Shelli, but Vanessa campaigned to keep her.

To save themselves, Austin and Jace formed an alliance with Audrey and James, who had no intention of deviating from their initial plan to take out Jace. One at a time, each HouseGuest launched a ball toward 55 oversized cups arranged in the shape of a triangle. He mocked her, and that was enough for Shelli to push her dreams aside.

Battle of the Block "DuBoB": When picking players for the Veto competition, Austin, Meg and Vanessa were chosen to compete.

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The player who scored the fewest points in each round was eliminated. Competitors looked at six of Zingbot's potential lovers on the new "Zinder" app. After bringing the person to the starting platform, the player then switched out with their partner.

The night before the challenge, HouseGuests were shown looping video clips of 16 events from earlier that summer.

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The competitors rolled a plastic acorn back and forth on a ramp; the first competitor to roll it times in a row without dropping it won the Power of Veto.

Austin became the first new Head of Household while James, Liz, and Vanessa tied for second; Vanessa won the tiebreaker and became the second new Head of Household.

They then used the four keys to unlock a mannequin, Alicetied up in chains. The last HouseGuest to assemble their puzzle in each round was eliminated.

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The last HouseGuest remaining will win the Power of Veto. The week's competition winners—Austin, Vanessa, Jason, Meg, and John—picked a cup at random; one of the cups had a chip at the bottom that would earn its owner a cabin on a three-day cruise with Rob.

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But before the gang could shower off the tomato gunk, Julie Chen alerted everyone to the living room—she communicates via TV screen. Put Twins up against each other, and even if one wins Veto or Austin saved Liz, you still have the votes to take out Julia.

The HouseGuests were presented with two images depicting the six pre-jury members on a tour around the world.