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Leckie then gives his opinion on religion, basically that bill leckie dating profile God cared about them, why is tendre adolescente online dating letting the war happen?

Return Home Edit Offscreen, Leckie soon reunites with his friends once more, with Chuckler and Hoosier having survived their respective wounds.

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Leckie is then seen taking a last look at Peleliu before his boat leaves to take him home. He survives later finds Runner with his arm in a sling, who forgives him for not finding a corpsman during the battle.

Like to camp on the weekends. Love to be spontaneous.


There was nothing he could do about it in Cape Gloucesterhowever, and he kept urinating in his sleep. During a patrol through their camp, he finds a box that once belonged to a Japanese officer that contained a Japanese pistol among other things.

Otherwise he'd be dating Adam Lambert, who said he loved Bill. They fight for another month, before they get on a navy ship destined for Melbourne where a crewman tells them that the Division is regarded as being heroes for their part in Guadalcanal.

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Leckie after the Battle of the Tenaru He and the 1st Marine Regiment are then seen landing on the shores of Guadalcanal with the rest of the 1st Marine Divisionstrangely, with no resistance.

Guadalcanal Campaign On a navy ship with his friends talking about what is in store for them, Chuckler suggests that it is going to be a turkey shoot, while Leckie quotes the Greek poet Homer just before the regiment goes topside. At New River, he eventually finds friendship.

Leckie and his friends soon split up again afterwards, which explains why we don't see any of his friends in his final episode. Leckie is later seen greeting the 1st Battlion, 7th Marine Regiment along with the rest of his unit.

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I own my own business. Peleliu Edit Leckie in Peleliu Leckie later participates in the Battle of Peleliuwhere he witnesses many horrible incidents: Leckie later meets a replacement, who is none other than Eugene Sledge who had just met teammate Sidney Phillipswho just happened to be Sledge's best friend.

She wa 2 years older and can be seen in old pics with him. Edit Leckie was born on December 18, Rach L was only a photoshoot - ask her yourself. MonsoonApr 21, okay so if he doesn't have girlfriends, does he have boyfriends?

He later participates in the Battle of the Tenaru with his unit, in what his friend Chuckler later decribes as a turkey shoot, which he suspected from the beginning. After some time of comfort and boredom, even though he was still afflicted with nocturnal enuresis at the time, he later gets out of the hospital with the help of the head doctor, handing over his pistol as a bribe.

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Always making the most of my time off. Leckie later watches his friend get promoted to Corporal by Lt. The only gf we know about is the one he had in school.

Ria SommerfeldMay 11, Bill has a man he has been with since his school days.

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The data is clear: Feel free to mix, match, and edit as needed to suit your situation. His mother encourages him to go after Vera and wear his dress blues, which he has never worn. He is then seen eating peaches that he stole from an Army division that always had more food, water, and any other essentials than the 1st Marine Division.

I have a solid job and great friends.

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Leckie becomes incredulous because Stella is basically telling him that he is going to die. Fitness is a big part of my life. Test all your pics on Photofeeler.