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Transforming Indian Sanitation Editors Note: In Marchsome members of the student chapter of Engineers Without Borders EWBstudying in Gitam Universitydecided to undertake a project to help provide sanitation facilities in Rudraram village, at the outskirts of Hyderabad in southern Tg 10 gela online dating. Bio-toilets do not require sewage connectivity and because the process is self-contained, bio-toilets are also maintenance-free.

In promoting the bio-toilets, we explain the negative effects on the health and well-being of society — particularly women and children — that are associated with open defecation. This post is authored by Sanjay Banka, Director at Banka BioLooan Indian company that manufactures and promotes biodigester toilets for use in parts of the country where the lack of infrastructure prevents the use of more conventional sanitation facilities.

Railways has also undertaken series of steps to plant trees and preserve water bodies at railway land across the country.

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In order to carry out the environment-related projects in a focused manner, railways has created a separate directorate for it.

While we strongly believe in bio toilets tenders dating for-profit model to help ensure sustainability, we are also looking for alternate financing options for households that are unable to pay for the toilet outright.

While affordability is certainly an issue, it should not come at the cost of developing a sub-par product.

Railways has installed about 37, bio-toilets in coaches till now. The anaerobic process inactivates the pathogens responsible for water-borne diseases and treats the fecal matter without the use of an external energy source. In the piece, Sanjay discusses the development of the biotechnology used in the toilets and describes the successes and challenges that the company has experienced while working to improve sanitation in India.

We are actively working in this direction, trying to provide economical and eco-friendly sanitation systems for all — from the most marginalized populations to large institutions and corporations across various states in India — while building up the good reputation of the latrine.

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Since then, Banka BioLoo has developed the necessary infrastructure to inoculate the bacteria and has built a business model that positions bio-toilets as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly sanitation solution. Transforming Indian Sanitation Bio-toilets: According to the action plan, railways will install 1.

Besides, it will ensure environment friendly disposal of all kinds of waste being generated in the rail premises while setting up waste to energy plants at major stations. Bio-digester technology treats human waste at the source. Banka BioLoo has also worked with charities and other development organizations to provide bio-toilets in underserved areas.

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Railways has also set a target of increasing the use of bio-diesel upto 5 percent of its total diesel consumption and also to focus on clean fuel like solar and wind energy to reduce emission in a significant way.

Using a combination of student efforts, input from family members, sponsored funds, and contributions from user families, Banka BioLoo, in partnership with EWB, installed five bio-toilets. Many are comfortable with defecating in the open.

Having successfully used these bacteria to treat the night soil of soldiers guarding the Indian borders, inthe DRDO decided to extend the benefits of the technology to the civilian population by licensing the bio-technology to commercial firms.

As this understanding continues to develop in India, the demand for sanitation products, such as the bio-toilets, will grow. Referring to the severe water crisis that the country is facing, Mital said there is a need to save every drop of water. While we explain the functioning of the system to users, no specific training is required.

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Besides recycling plants, railways has conducted energy audits and water audits to reduce energy and water use in a considerable way. Unfortunately, many are being offered cheap and possibly sub-standard systems. Inthe project provided bio-toilets to 20 additional families.

We are in discussion with government agencies and microfinance institutions to develop programs that would provide subsidies or microloans to consumers. Currently railways share is about 30 percent and we want it to increase upto 45 percent to 50 percent, he added. The DRDO had been grappling with the challenge of managing and treating the fecal matter of its defence personnel.

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Anand Gupta Railways has also set a target of increasing the use of bio-diesel upto 5 percent of its total diesel consumption and also to focus on clean fuel like solar and wind energy to reduce emission in a significant way. It has also been decided that one percent of cost of each rail works will be earmarked for environment projects.

One remaining challenge in promoting the use of the toilets involves the perception among some Indians that sanitation is not worth paying for. This approach is consistent with the thinking that came up in discussion recently at the WASH Sustainability Forum in Amsterdam, where it was recognized that many households are able and willing to pay for good quality sanitation services.

The only by-products of the waste treatment process are pathogen-free water, which is good for gardening, and biogas, which can be used for cooking.

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The student community is keen to develop a kilometer radius around the university as an open defecation free area. A host of businesses, including Banka BioLoo, signed the transfer of technology. Stepping up efforts to make environment better, the railways has set a target to install bio-toilets in all coaches to ensure the entire rail network as zero discharge zone by A bio-tank, which is placed beneath the toilet structure and holds the bio-digester bacteria, is installed in Hyderabad.