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You almost expect this commonly-caged bird to take flight.

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In Sydney, artist Michael Thomas Hill has for several years been exploring the symbolism of empty birdcages, which can stand both for freedom and transience. Whether on the catwalk, on the cover of a book or in the interior, our feathered friends are flocking together this season.

XD This was my flash project for the entirety of the class last quarter. Cages have become a popular theme many designers make use of in their own playful way.


This was all hand-drawn animation--no tweens and no rotoscoping. I was literally coloring this thing up until the last hour of the last class.

These would feature a wide variety of russia cultural dating definition — and birds were always represented too. There are so many types and species of birds, and this is reflected in the way they are represented as decorative elements.

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This was a project split between advanced 2d and advanced flash animation, the assignment being to produce a 90 second short with lipsynching and character acting with frame by frame animation. Wherever you look, bevies of birds are staring at you.

Your everyday life just got brighter in an instant. Eichholtz has interpreted a birdcage as a stool, so the person sits like a bird in a golden cage. It took me the whole 11 weeks from concept to completion, and let me tell you.


Beautiful plumage Even in the early days of porcelain manufacture, vases, plates and cups bore motifs taken from nature. And I thought Pandora's Book was a challenge. I'd like to polish it further, maybe take it into after effects and really make it kick ass.

Speaker from Daqi Concept.

Birds of a feather.

May Birds of a feather. Fatboy offers particularly fine window stickers featuring birds sitting on branches with colourful flowers to brighten up any window.

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Flash couldn't handle some of the camera moves--apparently movie clips freak it out, so bear with the choppiness in some areas. There are still some timing issues--I think this thing could seriously be 5 minutes long and feel better for it--and for my demo reel, I plan to work on that aspect.

Chinese people often give porcelain bearing the relevant bird motif as a gift.

Birds of a Feather

This dessert tray by Qualy Design bears only a single yellow bird on its cover. This bird has already flown, and it is nowhere to be seen.

The shape and composition of a birdcage can also make it an ideal lampshade to let light flit across your walls. Bird patterns have always been found on tableware, but our feathered friends are now enjoying a population boom in the dining sector as they reach new heights of popularity.

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I appreciate you constructive criticism, especially concerning the animation. Time for a bit of birdwatching.

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Daqi Concept turns a caged songbird into an extraordinary sort of speaker that can be connected via Bluetooth to a tablet or stereo. The kingfisher stands for beauty, the magpie for joy, the swallow for the blessing of fertility and the crane for long life.

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The artist also wants to convey a serious message: Pablo Piatti has designed living room wallpapers for a tropical rain forest look featuring exotic birds like the toucan, with its impressive beak.

Anything with which I can continue to improve my work. At this stage I am very happy with it.

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The impressive look of these cages in different sizes attracts many visitors. So this is in essence, a work in progress. The Chinese porcelain manufacturer is certainly displaying great prowess, apparent in the many finely worked aspects and details.

China certainly applies many avian motifs; each has a different meaning, each bird a symbol. The small porcelain bird is available in a variety of species, all different colours. You could be in a Hitchcock film.