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It promotes cultural initiatives involving modern and contemporary art, also on the international scene. The importance of history Bitossi Ceramiche is still based where its first workshop was founded in The sense of continuity that the sons and grandsons of Guido Bitossi maintained bitossi ceramiche online dating time is strong and vital for the production of this company.

The Bitossi Ceramiche catalogue After the founding of the museum dedicated to ceramics, Bitossi has begun to reintroduce some models from the past in its catalogue. The Archivio Industriale Bitossi Bitossi Industrial Archivespreads over seven rooms in the historic Colorificio building near to the factory.

History Bitossi Ceramiche was founded in in Montelupo Fiorentino Tuscany, where part of the company is still based and it was called Manifattura Maioliche Artistiche. Tracing their beginning in ceramic production to as early asthe Bitossi family business have centuries of expertise.

It also houses exhibitions of the architects and designers who have worked with the company. This vast archive is an attempt to preserve and valorise the historic memory that the family have been collecting over the years.

These productions are original and very decorative. Besides Sottsass, Bitossi also collaborates with Matteo Thun, Benjamin Hubert, Arik Levy, Ginevra Bocini and many other designers, architects and artists who have contributed to make the company famous also at an international level.

Comprising of numbered vases, totems and bowls has been inspired by the colourful Sottass totems and it introduces the language of signs, one of the main features of the Egyptian designer.

The choice of different models and projects is done with great care and in full respect of tradition. The collection is still in production today and widely collected by ceramics enthusiasts.

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Londi—who was dating show australia 2018 winner from Montelupo—began apprenticing in ceramics at the age of eleven and brought to Bitossi a deep expertise in traditional ceramics production.

Some special re-editions are available today, inspired to models coming directly from the historical archives. The collections by Bitossi Ceramiche produced in that period are now historical, but today's catalogue is not less interesting.

A Bitossi vase can be a gift for an important occasion; or can be used to give a touch of luxury and elegance even in both contemporary and classic environments. You are in a different country Do you want to continue browsing the website or change your country?

The Bitossi Ceramiche products Even today, this company's catalogue includes many ceramic pieces, mainly consisting of vases, decorations and furnishings. This iconic midcentury modern series contains over designs, including bowls, vases, jugs and animal figurines, all glazed in a vibrant blue hue and embossed with abstract motifs and shapes.

As a part of the s counter-culture, Sottsass thought design should be provocative and sensual. Together, this visionary duo created many successful designs and continued to expand their skills and creative genius. Icons from Bitossi Ceramiche The Foundation is mainly sponsored by the Colorobbia Group and its chief purpose is the enhancement and dissemination of the ceramic culture, historical research and scientific research.

Aldo Londi with one of his Bitossi Ceramiche creations Since the Bitossi family have collected over historical works, documents and material related to their artistic ceramic production.

The Collection

It goes without saying that the decision to engage in this type of activity was not a gamble. Seams Collect by Benjamin Hubert for Bitossi A descendant from a long, long line of Tuscan ceramic manufacturers, Guido Bitossi established his own ceramic craft works near Florence, in Montelupo, in This renowned collection also includes important ceramics and documents from other factories, in particular those from the Florentine ceramics area.

Seta, composed of bottle-vases in white or black; Colletti Bianchi, which includes cylindrical vases, embellished through metallic details; Arkitectura, a collection characterized by objects that recall bird and fish shapes, supported by thin metal legs.

Moreover, in the area of Tuscany where Montelupo Fiorentino is, the pottery business is a historical activity, and it seems that the first ceramics artisans worked here already in the 16th century.

Now considered to be an institution in Italian ceramics, the Bitossi family and Vittoriano Bitossi Foundation have amassed an archive of over 7, historical documents and materials in relation to their ceramic production.

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It currently covers two rooms in a historic building which was the first site of the Bitossi factory. In order to safeguard the heritage of this important area and their work in ceramics, the Vittoriano Bitossi Foundation became involved in The style is contemporary, even if you could be better defined as "timeless": The Foundation, the Museum and the overall winning identity of Bitossi Ceramiche is thanks to the unprecedented entrepreneurial skills developed throughout the years and the constant research for the utmost quality in each and every one of their products.

Bitossi Ceramiche Bitossi Ceramiche is part of the Consortium of Italian Historical Companies, which gathers those activities that have made Italy famous throughout the world for its artistic and everyday objects. The meeting with Ettore Sottsass was definitely decisive in this sense, and it enabled the company to enter the list of the best companies in the production of design ceramics and majolica.

One of the most important collections is Rimini Blue, composed of various objects, all characterized by the same color, calling to mind the sea and the clear sky. Actually, the Bitossi family seems to have produced ceramics and pottery from well before the company was founded by Guido Bitossi; there are some written records of its activity dating back to You can also find some collections inspired by designers that collaborate with the company, where industrial design of the latest years stands out the most.

They don't look bad even if surrounded by the most modern and contemporary products. For sure you will find in the Bitossi Ceramiche catalogue an object you will fall in love with: Shortly after inhe began to create more pieces in the proprietary chromatic glaze. The meeting with Sottsass Thanks to the artistic director of Bitossi Aldo Londi, the company began to renovate its classic artistic repertoire, through a new interpretation and of the old shapes, which acquired a completely new look.

The company's mission Bitossi Ceramiche is a company committed to the quality of the products in the catalogue: The collection holds historical importance because it helped to bring handcrafted and expressive works into the modernist design conversation in Italy. Rimini Blu Collection — Image courtesy of Bitossi Ceramiche The Bitossi Artistic Industrial Museum opened inand is world renowned as an industrial museum that exhibits the artistic ceramics productions of the twentieth century, and in particular, from the mid nineteen-fifties up until the present time.

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At the beginning the Bitossi Ceramiche production was pretty classic: Your dream house is one step away from you. Londi created the first piece glazed in Persiano Blue, Ball Vase, in Share on Twitter Combining the traditional art of ceramic making with cutting edge style has been the aim of Italian brand Bitossi Ceramiche since the early s.

Other products Bitossi The catalogue of the company is large, but not as much as you might expect. Periodically, the catalogue is enriched with a few pieces, without the need to increase the number of products every season, without following fashion and market trends.

Invest in authentic Italian craftsmanship and discover the world of Bitossi Ceramichenow available at Amara. Thanks to the Art Direction of Aldo Londi the traditional production methods and procedures were renewed, and really this was the beginning of Bitossi Ceramiche as we now know it today.

Your dream house is one step away from you.

The company was born from a small factory, which over the years has managed to combine the handicraft with the modern needs of the market. With this museum, which is also a monument to an art that is still lively in Italy, the Bitossi family have ennobled their activity, making it even more important, beyond time and fashion.

Three very special collections complete the catalogue: At Bitossi Ceramiche they prefer to do things the right way, while staying in a quality system that allows them to produce only the best items, in total respect of their loyal customers. Thanks to a meticulous research and study, the Bitossi family was able to collect more than 7, historical items, including vases, various objects, and documents regarding the production of artistic ceramics, dating back to A real historical Archive was created.

Originally named Manifattura Ceramica Cav. This proves once again how design has the advantage of being timeless: