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Their escape plan probably does not include the evacuation of injured personnel, a fact they would know before entering the site. It's fleetingly mentioned and not confirmed, but it is a distinct possibility that an agent turned informant.

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Most of the supporting character law enforcement officials are killed during the raid. The target location is a top secret government location chosen for its power status.

The Blacklister negotiates a new funny single girl problems pinterest with the Cabal.

Red had worked with Garrick previously, so perhaps he had reason to believe he would keep his word.

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Unlike the Most-wanted Iraqi playing cardsRed is certainly using a different set of standards for his personal list. The Blacklist is not numbered by importance or threat level. Why did Garrick fail to bring enough explosives? How did Garrick learn of Red's immunity deal?

Raymond Reddington is arrested at the start of the first episode. The site defenses are probably standardized. Furthermore, why did he believe that Garrick would leave the others alive?

Mercenaries know that they cannot be paid if they are dead. Why was Red handcuffed? What did they do that Red has that person on the top of the list? Has the black market noticed the recent increase in high profile arrests and begun to suspect that somebody important turned informant?

In the beginning of the episode, they make mention of a mole or double agent in the FBI, passing along information to the outside.

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Red, Dembe Zumaand Luli Zeng have a complicated past that we are not completely informed of, but they are trusted and a strange sort of affection has grown between the 3. Garrick makes this fight seem very personal. Garrick makes a reference to Red controlling the FBI. Even real silencers do not reduce the noise by a large degree.

Red never told Cooper about Ressler's involvement in the failed assassination attempt on his life since it was between both of them.

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Why did Red ask Ressler for his blood type, was he trying to keep Ressler awake? The Blacklister is an expert in raiding high security areas and has experience in several nation-states. Why did Red tell Harold Cooper to open the cell?

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If Anslo Garrick is only 16 on the list, then who could be number 1? Red was far more interested in Ressler's personal life than medical information; blood type is hardly the type of thing that comes up in a background check.

Garrick then killed the man without even considering first aid.

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He wants to make Red suffer, and then kill him. Was Red convinced that he could escape from Garrick?

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An official of another agency overrides Harold Cooper and tells him that he must obey orders or his career will be ruined. The Blacklister spent time in a Supermax prison and suffered injury. Elizabeth Keen is captured by the Blacklister and used to provoke Red into action.

Unlikely as revealed in both " The Judge " and " Milton Bobbit ", the adversary Red spoke of is very secretive and possibly based in Berlin. In Brussels, Garrick got him involved in an assassination attempt on Red's life based on the information he provided. Is Anslo Garrick the adversary Red spoke of?

In " The Judge " Connolly tells Harold Cooper that many government officials have noticed that the task force has arrested the unknown and important criminals.

Why did the mercenaries continue to obey Garrick after he killed one of his own men from the ricochet shot? Or was he hired to extract Red for the adversary? Red told Cooper to open the cell for the most obvious reason; he cared about the people being threatened, and believed Garrick when he said that no one else would be harmed if Red came out of the box.

The Cabal is concerned with the possible release of the Fulcrum blackmail evidence. Where did Red learn such a wide degree of medical skills? Red could have learnt battlefield medicine during his time with the US Navy.


Red probably didn't anticipate ever needing to know that information. The first episode ends with the main characters facing death. Red happened to be the same blood type as Ressler B-negativeso Red was able to buy Ressler some time and replenish some of the blood he lost.

Ressler chased after Red for 5 years, trying to make a name for himself in the FBI and losing his engagement to Audrey Bidwell in the process. Even for the CIA, the chance of such an illegal operation being exposed would make it risky. Is there a double agent in the FBI? Garrick can always kill Raymond Reddington after Red has been interrogated.

The Cabal debates the idea that Red is bluffing. It is far more likely that this is being done for revenge than for hire.

"Anslo Garrick"

Red and the Blacklister have a history of being enemies. Anything is better than nothing.

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Red shot Garrick but failed to kill him, giving him the facial scar and damaged eye.