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Fortunately, Jason, I guess, comes with an engine upgrade. Just as in the original, each level calls for a precision mixture of jumping, outside-the-tank exploration, and a fair amount of backtracking.

The Cannibal Flower at the end of the first area not only requires more strategy to beat, but it's also much more ugly than the brain creature from the NES Blaster Master.

Okay, I'll admit, this movie is improvable, I discover, after rewatching at the very end after getting the fullest grip on the game. Setting this to delayed in order to stir up some more opinions about it.

The top-down catacomb visuals, despite lacking in terms of geological detail, have been given an almost Zelda-like intimidating funny pics, with character sprite animation juiced way up. Yes I needed to backtrack after getting the key; doing a continue would take just as long to get back there AND I wouldn't have any hover--Later, it took a lot of tries to be able to hover onto that ledge, but that cool looking timesaver gets followed up with slow moving and jumping because of Jason's inflexibility.

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Comments Blaster Master Enemy Below Review With the addition of a password save feature and new weapons, Blaster Master Enemy Below seeks to deliver a refreshing twist on a revered classic.

Area by Area notes Area 2: Thanks to the new password feature and an added emphasis on outside-the-tank exploration, the game keeps you occupied without becoming overly tedious. As you progress through the game, you obtain a number of weapons power-ups, such as homing missiles, high jumps, and hypercannon bursts.

I seriously can't do the next parts any faster, sorry.

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Visually, it's almost hard to believe Sunsoft managed to pull this off on the GBC. The game cannot compare to its predecessor, but nevertheless it is a good attempt to succeed its glorius first-half, and there are in fact some improvements to the game, including a number of secret weapons to make the game easier all avoided in this movie, but, hey, you can replace the grenades with a shotgun for one!

Those blue arrows prevent the tank from driving forward--he needs the Engine upgrade retrieved, conveniently from the boss of the area, a snake-like creature that would've been tough to TAS-fight. Great shortcut right there.

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SOME of the bosses are new, and the level layouts are all new, but otherwise a very, very large amount of the game will be pleasantly nostalgic, from the music being the same and gameplay being just about the same.

Completed as quickly as possible Takes damage to save time Uses death as a shortcut Abuses programming errors Blaster Master - Enemy Below looks, sounds, and feels like a fanmade version of that top-notch NES platformer, Blaster Master, but, believe it or not, it is a bona fide legitimate sequel on the Game Boy Color put forth by Sunsoft.

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Blaster Master Enemy Below's attempt at originality yields a burning question, though: With excellent platformer gameplay and quirky character mechanics, however, it's quite a ride.

Coincidentally enough, Blaster Master Enemy Below delivers a "yes" to all three.

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And we all know how fun desyncing is upon hex-editting, so they are still there in the movie, one stray frame of lag at a time. Other notes There are 7 secret items in the game which I avoid But I'm happy with the movie altogether, and hope you will be too.

With the addition of a password save feature and new weapons - such as the GUN2 Scattergun - Blaster Master Enemy Below seeks to deliver a refreshing twist on a revered classic.

Early areas require power-ups gathered later in the game to reach, while a bevy of optional secrets lie in wait for the devout gamer who must, as is popular nowadays, catch them all. The original NES background tiles have been refined and smoothed, giving the game much more of a 3D look than its predecessor, with zero hint of slowdown or sprite flicker.

Couple this with an adequate array of non-tinny sound effects and a mixture of original and remixed background tunes, and Blaster Master Enemy Below's presentation makes it hard to believe it comes from such an under-regarded publisher as Sunsoft.

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The redesigned areas aren't just ruined shells of their former counterparts, either. Does it look nice? This allowed me to not get killed by a worm or lose a lot of time going around it!

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As it stands, the power-ups, background visuals, and character sprites in Blaster Master Enemy Below all initially appear as if they were lifted straight out of the NES original. One other glitch I found at just the right time is that you can enter Sophia while on a ladder.

Now, the new and improved Plutonium Boss has escaped, taking refuge in a new subterranean underworld from which it intends to wage an all-out war against humankind.

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The tank DOES kinda get scooted around by the corners of blocks like Jason does, but it loses time to do so, while Jason actually gains time from it.

If this is its idea of an upswing, bring it on. Unbeknownst to Jason, however, a scientific organization unearthed the remnants of his former foe and began to conduct genetic experiments on what remained of the Plutonium Boss.

In terms of gameplay, it is as if you were playing the same game. All eight areas, while loosely based on the NES dungeons, are simply not the same.

Blaster Master - Enemy Below

Is the game fun? About the only flaw to be found with Blaster Master Enemy Below's gameplay experience is that, despite a password save, it is harder than sin to beat.

It's very difficult to optimize this area's icy floors, but thankfully the ice inside the catacombs is a bit more forgiving. The tank is a little clunkier than before making icy Area 6 a real painbut even all the little enemies are back, and sometimes with new tricks.

Oh, and for those of you who think that the BM glitch of taking damage to temporarily walk on water is here, sorry, all of the instant death squares are treated as solid damage squares in this game.

You're given unlimited continues, but only one life per continue--each death takes you to the Area's first entrypoint or to the Area's checkpoint if you passed it. Using these simple little lapses in programming that are unable to be reproduced on a gameboy without screwing up your d-pad, I was able to skip Areas 2 and 7 entirely, save for having to travel through 2 to get to 3 and 8.

Blaster Master: Enemy Below

Yes, I had to get the hovers, otherwise glitching isn't possible. The layout is reminiscent, and constant back and forth travel is still a major factor, but Blaster Master Enemy Below is an original design.

Thankfully, I don't have to come anywhere near here! This place just plain sucks.